Uncle Sam (album)

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Uncle Sam
Studio album by Uncle Sam
Released October 14, 1997
Label Stonecreek Recordings, Epic
Producer Charlucci Finney
Michael McCary
Nathan Morris
Wanya Morris
Shawn Stockman
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Uncle Sam is the self-titled 1997 debut album from Uncle Sam. It includes the hit single "I Don't Ever Want To See You Again" and the cover "Tender Love". On the worldwide release, a few bonus tracks were included.

Uncle Sam is an American R&B singer. He is best known for being signed to Boyz II Men's Stonecreek Records imprint in the late 1990s.

Track listing

1 "Can You Feel It" (Feat. Popa Chief) MAS-PD; Wanya Morris; Popa Chief; Shawn Stockman 4:23
2"You Make Me Feel Like"S. Clark; MAS-PD; Wanya Morris; Shawn Stockman 6:05
3"Throw Your Hands In The Air" MAS-PD; Wanya Morris; Uncle Sam 3:48
4"Leave Well Enough Alone" Shawn Stockman 5:43
5"Without Lovin' You" Shawn Stockman 4:56
6"Someone Like You" Shawn Stockman 4:59
7"Tender Love" Jimmy Jam; Terry Lewis 3:35
8"Think About Me" (Feat. Popa Chief) K. Crouch; K. Jones; R. Patterson; Ken Paul; Popa Chief; Shawn Stockman; Milton Thornton4:03
9"Baby You Are"Dennis Ross III4:13
10"Stop Foolin' Around" Shawn Stockman 4:48
11"I Don't Ever Want to See You Again" Nathan Morris 5:42
12"When I See You Smile" (From Touched By An Angel OST) (Bonus) Diane Warren 4:50
13"Underneath The Sheets" (Feat. Ruff Endz) (Bonus)4:52

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