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Voici magazine cover, from the week of 1 May 2007.
EditorHedi Dahmani
CategoriesCelebrity and Women's magazine
Circulation 408,120 (2010)
Publisher Prisma Presse
Year founded1987;34 years ago (1987)
Company Vivendi
Country France
Based in Paris
Language French
Website Voici
ISSN 0245-5803

Voici is a French language weekly celebrity and gossip magazine [1] [2] published in Paris, France.


History and profile

Voici was founded in 1987. [3] [4] The magazine is published on a weekly basis [5] and is based in Paris. [4] The weekly is owned by the German media company, Bertelsmann/Gruner + Jahr. [6] The publisher is the Prisma Presse, [5] a subsidiary of Gruner+Jahr. [7]

Voici claims the title of best selling French celebrity magazine, and second or third most widely read French women's magazine. [8] It includes beauty, fashion, health, society and entertainment sections.


Voici had a circulation of 602,000 copies in 1991. [3] Its circulation was 576,000 copies in 1998. [9] In 2000 the circulation of the magazine was 514,180 copies and it was 522,042 copies in 2001. [4]

The circulation of Voici was 493,000 copies during the 2007–2008 period. [10] The weekly was the third best-selling celebrity magazine in France with a circulation of 408,000 copies in 2009. [11] Its circulation was 408,120 copies in 2010. [5]

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