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Parent company Vivendi
Country of origin France
Headquarters location Paris
Key peopleJosé Manuel Lara (Chairman)
Alain Kouck (CEO)
Publication types Books
RevenueIncrease2.svg€760 million Euros (2007)[ citation needed ]
No. of employees2600 (as of 2010)
Official website www.editis.com

Editis is a French group of publishing companies, subsidiary of French group Vivendi. It is the second-largest French publishing group, after Hachette Livre.



Editis was created in January 2004 by the regrouping of approximately 60% of the publishing assets of Vivendi, the other part remaining with Lagardère Group. [1]

Editis was, for 4 years (until May 2008), part of Wendel, a financial investment group which had acquired it from Investima10 (a financial ad hoc structure holding Vivendi Universal Publishing assets after Lagardère's purchase in 2003). Wendel purchased this group of publishers for about €400 million plus debt, and sold it to Planeta for about €960 million, realizing a profit.

In May 2008, Editis integrated with the Planeta Group, the main Spanish-speaking publisher. In January 2019, Vivendi reacquired Editis from Planeta for €900m. [2]

Group members

As of 2009 the main subsidiaries were:

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