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Moomba Mondo wakeboard boat Moomba, Interboot 2020, Friedrichshafen (IB200026).jpg
Moomba Mondo wakeboard boat

Wakeboard boats also known as wakeboats, surfboats or tow boats are designed to create a large, specially shaped wake, for a wakeboarder to jump the wakes from side to side doing aerial tricks. They developed from the Runabout type.


Boat types

Generally speaking, wakeboard specific boats are V-drive boats. This means they are an inboard boat with the engine placed backwards in the rear of the boat. This is done to keep more weight in the back of the boat and make the wake larger. Some wakeboard specific boat models are direct drive boats where the engine is in the middle of the boat. Most wakeboard boats will have several features that help to create large wakes. These include ballast, [1] hydrofoil, and hull technology. Ballast is a simple term for weight. When wakeboard boats have ballast tanks, it means that they have room for extra weight to weigh the boat down for larger wakes. For example. If the rider is surfing on the starboard side of the stern. Then you want to activate the starboard ballast in order to give the rider a surf-able wave. All these key features would not be anything if it was not for cruise control which innovated wake boarding. Throttles on v drive boats are extremely sensitive and it is hard to get to the desired speed of the rider. When cruise control is set the driver can push the throttle all the way down and the boat will not go any faster than the desired speed. It locks the engine in at that rpm. Cruise control is also very safe because when pulling a rider there is a lot to have to worry about. Cruise control minuses one less worry allowing for a fun wakeboard run.

Wedges and plates

Two wakeboard boats with wedges visible Wakeboard boats, Interboot 2020, Friedrichshafen (IB200179).jpg
Two wakeboard boats with wedges visible

Many watersports boat manufacturers have developed systems to further enhance the shape of the wakes their boats create. These devices often help to lower the stern of the boat, which creates a larger wake and are very useful when wakesurfing as well. However, the quality and size of the wake is largely a function of the hull design and ballast weight of the boat. Malibu Boats' "Wedge" is a hydrofoil device that can be extended or retracted. When the "Wedge" is extended it creates downward force that pulls the stern of the boat lower in the water. MasterCraft boats use an "attitude adjustment plate" which is a large trim tab that allows the boat to be trimmed- enhancing the wake. Nautique developed the "Hydrogate" which uses Bernoulli's Principle to trim their wakeboarding boats. It works by creating a small channel along the stern of the boat at the transom- when it is closed, the nose of the boat is lower when on a plane creating a wake better for skiing. When the trough opens, approximately 1/2 inches deep, the higher velocity of the water through the trough creates a region of lower pressure, and causes the transom to settle lower, for wakeboarding. The hull is specifically molded to displace monumental amounts of water. Skiers Choice, manufacturer of Supra and Moomba, has created a wake plate that aids the boat in planing by allowing the driver to adjust the device (basically a trim tab). All manufactures have some type of ballast system in addition to the other devices.

Hull technology

Hull technology is the innovation and R&D that the manufacturers put into their boats to ensure the best stock wake possible. Many boarders use aftermarket ballast and lead to further weigh down their boats for very large wakes or for sports such as wake surfing. Most wakeboat manufacturers have installed factory ballast but sometimes more weight is needed. Ballast can take the form of hard tanks or soft bags which are filled with water from the body of water the boat is being operated on. Wakeboard boats have a certain type of hull to allow for bigger wakes. The bigger the wake the more the stern is sitting in the water. These boats are not good for shallow waters considering their draft is roughly over 3 feet. There is a rudder propeller and shaft drive along with three fins directly under the boat. Shallow waters with that much instruments under the boat will call for disaster. These boats are not good substitutes for fishing boats for that reason. Most fishing boats have a flat bottom hull and an outboard motor which is completely retractable. They also have a plastic trolling motor in case they ever get into sticky situations. Wakeboard boats offer depth finders to keep out of the shallow stuff. People often think that if they ruin a prop on an inboard that it will be an easy fix. Inboard props do not come off without a special tool that can be costly.

Wakeboard tower

Wakeboard tower with bimini top, rearward facing loudspeakers and wakeboard holder Supra, Interboot 2020, Friedrichshafen (IB200049).jpg
Wakeboard tower with bimini top, rearward facing loudspeakers and wakeboard holder

A wakeboard tower is usually a common characteristic of a wakeboard boat. The tower elevates the pulling position of the rope allowing the rider to launch and stay in the air longer reducing the pull downwards. [2]

Key features

Boat Comparisons

ModelLength (ft)Dry Weight (lbs)Factory Ballast (lbs)Total Weight with Ballast, without Fuel or Passengers (lbs)Horse Power (HP)PassengersMSRP
Pavati AL 2424'4,8944,8889,78257517$285,999
Pavati AL2626'6,7005,98812,688575$315,999
Nautique S23235,5003,1508,150400 / 355 / 450 / 475 / 60016$154,954 [3]
Nautique GS2020'4,5001,8506,350355 - 45012$122,906
Nautique GS2222'4,7502,9507,700355 - 45015$137,597
Nautique GS22E22'5,9001,8507,750Electric 2-3 Hour Battery Life, Charge Time AC: 10 Hours, DC: 4 Hours, Supercharger: 1.5 hours15$299,583
Nautique GS2424'5,1003,2008,300355 - 47516$158,896
Nautique G2121'5,8002,2508,050370-60014$171,496
Nautique G2323'6,0002,200 or 3,650 with supplemental ballast option8,200 or 9,650 with supplemental ballast option370 - 60016$186,229
Nautique G2525'6,4002,200 or 3,650 with supplemental ballast option8,600 or 10,050 with supplemental ballast option370 - 60019$201,300
Nautique Paragon G2323'7,2002,2009,40060016$306,191
Nautique Paragon G2525'7,4002,2009,60060019$322,568
Supra SE24'5"6,1504,10010,250450, 57518$157,400
Supra SL23'5"5,6003,5009,100400, 450, 57517$144,800
Supra SA22'5"5,8003,5009,300400, 450, 57516$142,800
Supra SR22'11"4,9503,3008,250400, 45014$127,600
Axis A2020'3,5007604,26011
Axis A2222'4,5001,0655,56515
Axis A2424'5"5,5001,3706,87018
Axis T2222'4,2001,0655,26515
Axis T2323'5"5,0001,1408,25016
Moomba Makai24'5"5,2004,0009,200400, 450, 57518$87,320
Moomba Kaiyen21'5"4,5003,7008,20040015$76,440
Moomba Mondo20'4,0003,7007,70040013$68,700
Moomba Craz22'4,2003,0007,200400, 45016$72,920
Moomba Max22'6"4,5004,0008,500400, 45017$71,600
Moomba Mojo23'4,8004,0008,800400, 45017$78,640
Mastercraft NXT2020'3,9651,7705,73511$77,990
Mastercraft NXT2222'4,3002,1506,45014$85,500
Mastercraft NXT2424'5,0002,6007,60016$92,200
Mastercraft XT2020'4,5001,7006,20011$107,700
Mastercraft XT2121'4"4,8002,4607,26014$114,200
Mastercraft XT2323'4"5,2503,3008,55016$128,995
Mastercraft XT2424'5,5503,6009,15017$133,995
Mastercraft XT2525'3"5,2002,8008,00018$139,995
Mastercraft X2222'4"5,5003,5509,05016$160,995
Mastercraft X2424'2"6,1004,30010,40018$175,995
Mastercraft X2626'5"6,9004,15011,05018$189,995
Mastercraft XStar23'5,8004,1009,90016$176,999
Mastercraft XStar S23'5,8004,30010,10016$179,900
Centurion Ri26526'6"6,4005,85012,250$
Centurion Ri24524'6"5,7005,65011,35016$
Centurion Ri25725'7"6,1505,55011,65018$
Centurion Ri23723'7"5,4505,10010,55016$
Centurion Vi2222'5,1504,6009,75012$
Centurion Vi2424'5,2504,80010,05014$
Centurion Fi2121'5,1004,7509,85012$
Centurion Fi2323'5,3004,85010,15014$
Centurion Fi2525'5,8505,05010,90016$

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The MasterCraft Boat Company is a United States-based manufacturer of luxury high-performance boats. The company was founded in 1968 in Maryville, Tennessee, and is currently headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee. MasterCraft boats are used in waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing, though the company has also produced several boats that are not focused on water sports, such as the NauticStar line of fishing boats.

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Shaun Murray is an American four-time World champion wakeboarder, and the main character featured in Activision O2's video game Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray developed by Shaba Games and released on June 3, 2003 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Game Boy Advance. A PC port was developed by Beenox and published by Aspyr, releasing on December 22, 2003. A playable demo version of the game was available in the Options menu for the PlayStation 2 version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

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Correct Craft is a United States-based builder of powerboats primarily for waterskiing and wakeboard use. It was founded in 1925 by Walt C. Meloon as the Florida Variety Boat Company. Correct Craft is the oldest family-owned and operated boat manufacturer in the world. Correct Craft owns Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Engine Group, Parker boats and Aktion Parks.

The Super Air Nautique line-up of Nautique Boats is Correct Craft's crossover-wakeboarding focused model; the boat is outfitted for wakeboarding with a tower and ballast tanks from the factory. Furthermore, some air nautiques are in V-drive format, which creates a bigger wake for the rider. The first Air Nautique was built in 1997; it was built on the existing Sport Nautique Hull and had an automatic rear ballast system. Other notable "landmarks" included Correct Craft's patented "Flight Control Tower", which was essentially a modified fishing tower. In 2019 Nautique released the Super Air Nautique Paragon, this new release is the most expensive boat Nautique has created.

Draft (hull) Vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel)

The draft or draught of a ship's hull is the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel). Draft determines the minimum depth of water a ship or boat can safely navigate.

Centurion Boats, owned by Fineline Industries, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water sports boats, primarily tow boats for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. It was founded by current owner Rick Lee. Its headquarters and manufacturing operations are in Merced, California.

Danny Harf is an American professional wakeboarder and sports video producer.

A "forward drive" is a form of marine propulsion that leverages forward-facing counter-rotating props to pull the boat through water rather than pushing it, with an undisturbed water flow to the propellers. The engine sits just forward of the transom while the drive unit lies outside the hull.


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