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Windsong International Records was an independent record label in the United Kingdom active in the early 1990s. It specialised in releasing recordings made for or by BBC Radio One for broadcast on the In Concert radio programme.


BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert is a series of albums licensed to Windsong International. [1]

BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert series

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BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert is a series of recordings of the BBC Radio 1 concert series BBC Radio 1 Live. The albums are licensed to Windsong International.

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<i>BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert</i> (Atomic Rooster album) 1993 live album by Atomic Rooster

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First of the Big Bands – BBC Live in Concert 1974 is a live album recorded on September 12, 1974 at the London Palladium by Tony Ashton and Jon Lord and their all-star band featuring Ian Paice, Carmine Appice, Dick Parry and Max Middleton among others. The setlist features mainly songs off the album First of the Big Bands by Ashton & Lord, released in 1974. The live album was released in 1993 by Windsong International.

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