Witchcraft (band)

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Live at Hole In The Sky, Bergen Metal Fest - 2006
Background information
Origin Örebro, Sweden
Genres Doom metal, occult rock [1]
Years active2000present
Labels Nuclear Blast
Associated actsNorrsken, Abramis Brama, Count Raven, Graveyard, Spiders, Troubled Horse
Website Nuclear Blast Page
MembersMagnus Pelander
Rage Widerberg
Tobias Anger
Past membersOla Henriksson
Simon Solomon
Tom Jondelius
Oscar Johansson
Jonas Arnesén
Jens Henriksson
Fredrik Jansson
John Hoyles
Mats Arnesén

Witchcraft is a Swedish doom metal band founded in 2000.

Doom metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that typically uses slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "thicker" or "heavier" sound than other heavy metal genres. Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread, and impending doom. The genre is strongly influenced by the early work of Black Sabbath, who formed a prototype for doom metal with songs such as "Black Sabbath", "Children of the Grave", "Electric Funeral" and "Into the Void". During the first half of the 1980s, a number of bands from England, the United States and Sweden defined doom metal as a distinct genre.



Formation (2000–2003)

Magnus Pelander (formerly of Norrsken) formed Witchcraft in 2000 in order to record a tribute to Pentagram's Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson. The "No Angel or Demon" single was released in 2002 by Primitive Art Records, which caught the ear of Lee Dorrian's label Rise Above Records, who quickly signed them. A year later, the band were brought back together with Jonas Arnesén taking the place of original drummer Jens Henriksson, and his brother Mats taking Ola's place on the bass.

Pentagram (band) American heavy metal band

Pentagram is an American heavy metal band from Alexandria, Virginia, most famous as one of the pioneers of heavy metal, and the subgenre of doom metal in particular. The band was prolific in the underground scene of the 1970s, producing many demos and rehearsal tapes, but did not release a full-length album until reforming in the early 1980s with an almost completely new lineup. Throughout the band's history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well respected musicians in the local doom metal scene, with members spending time in other acts such as Raven, the Obsessed, Place of Skulls, Internal Void, Spirit Caravan, among many others. The band's current lineup consists of Liebling (vocals), Matt Goldsborough (guitar), Greg Turley (bass) and "Minnesota" Pete Campbell (drums).

Roky Erickson American musician

Roger Kynard "Roky" Erickson is an American singer-songwriter, harmonica player, and guitarist from Texas. He was a founding member of The 13th Floor Elevators and a pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre.

Lee Dorrian British singer

Lee Dorrian is an English singer, best known as a former member of Napalm Death and later frontman of Cathedral.

Debut album Witchcraft (2004) and Firewood (2005)

Their debut album, Witchcraft (2004), was worked on in a basement studio with vintage equipment, which gave them their very seventies-esque sound. [2] Mats left the band almost immediately after the recording was done. Mats was also the drummer in the surf trio "The Hollywoods" and 50's rockin "Eva Eastwood and the Major Keys". In mid-2004, the band toured Europe with Orange Goblin and Grand Magus. [3]

<i>Witchcraft</i> (Witchcraft album) debut album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the debut album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. The album was released in 2004 by Rise Above Records. "Please Don't Forget Me" and "Yes I Do" are both covers of 70s-era Pentagram. "Yes I Do" appears on the original LP version and the Japanese press; it does not appear on the picture disc. "Please Don't Forget Me" is credited to Bobbly Liebling on the sleeve and is often mis-accredited to Liebling's pre-Pentagram outfit, Stone Bunny. The cover image is a slightly altered version of a print called Merlin, a pen-and-ink drawing by Aubrey Beardsley for an 1893-94 edition of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur. Additionally, the band formed to be a one-off tribute band to both Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson and only intended to make one song however, they continued and are now an original band.

Eva Eastwood Swedish singer-songwriter

Eva Östlund, better known by her stage name Eva Eastwood, is a Swedish songwriter and singer who sings rockabilly and rock'n'roll songs.

Orange Goblin British rock band

Orange Goblin are a heavy metal band from London, England. Formed in 1995, the band's lineup currently consists of singer Ben Ward, guitarist Joe Hoare, bassist Martyn Millard, and drummer Chris Turner.

The band recorded their second album, Firewood , in England, which was released on Rise Above in 2005. That same year the band toured the UK in support of Corrosion of Conformity, backed by the "Chylde of Fire" single. [3]

<i>Firewood</i> (album) 2005 studio album by Witchcraft

Firewood is the second album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. The album was released in 2005 by Rise Above Records. At roughly 8:50 in to the last track "Attention!", there is a cover of the Pentagram song "When the Screams Come". The vinyl edition does not include "When the Screams Come", but does include a bonus track entitled "The Invisible". This track also appears on the Japanese version released by Leaf Hound Records.

Corrosion of Conformity American heavy metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina formed in 1982

Corrosion of Conformity is an American heavy metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina formed in 1982. This band has undergone multiple line-up changes throughout its existence with guitarist Woody Weatherman as the sole constant member. Weatherman, founding bassist Mike Dean, founding drummer Reed Mullin, and vocalist and rhythm guitarist Pepper Keenan are widely regarded as its classic line-up. After a hiatus in 2006, Corrosion of Conformity returned in 2010 without Keenan, who had been busy touring and recording with Down, but announced their reunion with him in December 2014.

Departure of Arnesén and Henriksson and The Alchemist (2006–2011)

In mid-2006, Jonas Arnesén left the band and was replaced by original drummer, Jens Henriksson. The band toured the US in latter part of 2006 with Danava. During this tour, on November 11, 2006, Witchcraft performed at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. For their encore they played Pentagram covers ("When the Screams Come" and "Yes I Do") with Bobby Liebling on vocals. [3]

Danava (band)

Danava is an American hard rock band from Portland, Oregon. Its music fits into the categories of heavy metal, progressive rock and psychedelic rock. Danava is influenced by early hard rock, progressive rock and heavy metal.

Following their US tour they returned to the studio and recorded the single "If Crimson Was Your Colour". This was released on 7" vinyl by Rise Above on November 6, 2006. Following the single Jens Henriksson once again left Witchcraft and was replaced by Fredrik Jansson (formerly of Abramis Brama).

If Crimson Was Your Colour album by Witchcraft

"If Crimson Was Your Colour" is a single of the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft released by Rise Above Records in 2006. Both tracks were previously unreleased.

Abramis Brama is a stoner rock band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Their third album, The Alchemist , was released on October 8, 2007 by Rise Above Records (UK), Leaf Hound Records (Japan), and Candlelight Records (US). Shortly after The Alchemist, Witchcraft released a split 12" with The Sword on Kemado Records. The EP features versions of two previously banned in Sweden songs. They then played the front stage on the one-day Ozzfest 2009.

In 2010 Magnus Pelander released a four track solo EP via Svart Records and is currently working on the solo full-length album. Current member Ola Henriksson along with former members John Hoyles and Jens Henriksson formed a new band called Troubled Horse and released a 7" single in early 2010. John Hoyles is also in a band with the drummer of Graveyard called Spiders. Jens Henriksson is also in The Wait a band with Joakim Dimberg, bass player for Dead Man.

New label and Legend (2012–2014)

In May 2012, the band announced that they had signed with Nuclear Blast Records. Their fourth studio album, Legend , was released in September 2012.

The new album marked the recording debut of the band's new members, including Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums) formerly of TruckFighters, with singer Magnus Pelander focusing only on vocals instead of both vocals and guitar.

The new album was released on double vinyl, with a special edition purple vinyl limited to 250 hand numbered copies. [4]

Nucleus (2015–present)

Witchcraft released their fifth studio album Nucleus worldwide on January 15, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records. [5]


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Witchcraft (band)

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<i>The Alchemist</i> (Witchcraft album) 2007 studio album by Witchcraft

The Alchemist is the third album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. The album was released in 2007 by Rise Above Records. The Japanese version contains the bonus track "Sweet Honey Pie" by Roky Erickson, which originally appeared on Scandinavian Friends: A Tribute to Roky Erickson.

<i>The Sword/Witchcraft split</i> 2007 EP by The Sword and Witchcraft

The Sword/Witchcraft is a split extended play (EP) by American heavy metal band The Sword and Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. Released on November 13, 2007 by Kemado Records, the label with which The Sword were signed at the time, it was limited to 2,500 vinyl copies.


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Svart Records is a Finnish independent record company focused on heavy metal music, especially doom metal. It concentrates mostly on releasing LP reissues of albums previously unavailable on vinyl.

<i>Legend</i> (Witchcraft album) 2012 studio album by Witchcraft

Legend is the fourth album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. The album was released September 25, 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records. The album marked the debut of three new members: Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums). Singer Magnus Pelander opted to focus on vocals and, as a result, Legend is the first Witchcraft album on which he does not play guitar as well as sing. Bassist Ola Henriksson noted that "Magnus has been wanting to drop the guitar for a couple of years now, and just focus on the vocals. When we found two new guitar players, it was an easy decision for him to do that. Critics observed that the album departed from the band's vintage production values and opted for a more modern-sounding production.


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