1974 Danish 1st Division

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Statistics of Danish 1st Division in the 1974 season.



It was contested by 12 teams, and Kjøbenhavns Boldklub won the championship.

League standings

1 Kjøbenhavns Boldklub 2215344824+2433
2 Vejle Boldklub 2211384735+1225
3 Boldklubben 1903 229673728+924
4 Holbæk B&I 229673330+324
5 B 1901 229584038+223
6 Randers Sportsklub Freja 228773436223
7 Boldklubben Frem 22102103736+122
8 Næstved IF 228594038+221
9 Køge BK 2276931421120
10 Aalborg Boldspilklub 226793541619
11 Slagelse B&I 2265112938917
12 Hvidovre IF 22451324492513
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The 1989 Danish 1st Division season was the 44th season of the Danish 1st Division league championship, governed by the Danish Football Association.

The 1988 Danish 1st Division season was the 43rd season of the Danish 1st Division league championship, governed by the Danish Football Association.

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