A Choice Selection of Strawbs

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A Choice Selection of Strawbs
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Compilation album by
Released1992 (1992)
Genre Folk rock, progressive folk, progressive rock
Label A&M
Strawbs chronology
Ringing Down the Years
A Choice Selection of Strawbs
Greatest Hits Live

A Choice Selection of Strawbs is a compilation album of songs by Strawbs.


Track listing

Source: StawbsWeb [1]

1."Lay Down" Dave Cousins  
2."Lemon Pie"Cousins 
3."Lady Fuschia" Richard Hudson, John Ford  
Heroine's Theme
Deep Summer's Sleep
The Winter Long"

John Hawken
5."A Glimpse of Heaven"Cousins 
6."The Hangman and the Papist"Cousins 
7."New World"Cousins 
8."Round and Round"Cousins 
9."I Only Want My Love to Grow in You"Cousins, Chas Cronk  
11."Hero and Heroine"Cousins 
12."Song of a Sad Little Girl"Cousins 
13."Tears and Pavan

Hudson, Ford, Cousins
14."To Be Free"Cousins 
15."Part of the Union"Hudson, Ford 
16."Down by the Sea"Cousins 


Release history

1992 A&M CD CDMID 173
1992A&M cassette CDID 173

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