All Our Own Work

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All Our Own Work
Pickwick SHM 813, UK, 1973
Studio album by
Recorded Copenhagen, Denmark, July 1967 (1967-07)
Genre Progressive folk
Label Pickwick
Producer Gustav Winckler
Strawbs chronology
Bursting at the Seams
All Our Own Work
Hero and Heroine

All Our Own Work is a studio album by Sandy Denny and the Strawbs. Recorded in 1967 but not released until 1973, it contains an early recording of one of Sandy Denny's best known songs "Who Knows Where the Time Goes". Denny later recorded this song as a member of Fairport Convention.


Track listing

Side one

  1. "On My Way" (Dave Cousins) – 3:03
  2. "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" (Sandy Denny) – 4:04
  3. "Tell Me What You See in Me" (Cousins) – 3:38
  4. "Always on My Mind" (Tony Hooper) – 1:51
  5. "Stay Awhile with Me" (Cousins) – 2:24
  6. "Wild Strawberries" (Cousins, Hooper) – 1:32

Side two

  1. "All I Need Is You" (Cousins) – 2:19
  2. "How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite" (Cousins) – 2:43
  3. "Sail Away to the Sea" (Cousins) – 3:22
  4. "Sweetling" (Hooper) – 2:34
  5. "Nothing Else Will Do" (Cousins) - 2:13
  6. "And You Need Me" (Cousins) – 3:13

2010 reissue

The 2010 reissue on CD is produced by Chris Tsangarides and contains the following additional tracks:

  1. "Two Weeks Last Summer" (Cousins) (Sandy Denny lead vocal) – 2:18
  2. "Nothing Else Will Do" (Cousins) (Sandy Denny lead vocal) – 2:13
  3. "Tell Me What You See in Me" (Cousins) (with sitar and percussion) – 3:36
  4. "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" (Denny) (original complete recording with string section) – 4:06
  5. "Stay Awhile with Me" (Cousins) (original complete recording with string section) – 2:24
  6. "And You Need Me" (Cousins) – 3:15
  7. "I've Been My Own Worst Friend" (Cousins) – 2:37
  8. "Poor Jimmy Wilson" (Cousins) – 2:32
  9. "Strawberry Picking" (Cousins, Hooper) – 1:34
  10. "Pieces of 79 and 15" (Cousins, Hooper) – 2:18
  11. "The Falling Leaves" (Cousins) – 2:30
  12. "Indian Summer" (Cousins) – 2:18

Tracks 1 to 9 contain outtakes, demos, and original versions (with the strings that were omitted on the Hallmark release). These were all previously released on Sandy Denny and the Strawbs in 1991. Tracks 10 to 12 are previously unreleased demos.


Additional personnel


Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark July 1967

Release history

United Kingdom 1973 Pickwick stereo LP SHM 813
Australia 1973Summitstereo LPSRA 088
Canada 1973Pickwickstereo LPSPI-7019

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