A Day in the Life (film)

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A Day in the Life
Directed by Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones
Produced byPeter Block
Keith Louis Brown
Jason Constantine
Sticky Fingaz
Mario Jones
Erik Voake
Written byKirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones
StarringKirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones
Fredro Starr
Bokeem Woodbine
Mekhi Phifer
Michael Rapaport
Omar Epps
Music byKirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones
Shelton "Ess Man" Rivers
CinematographyErik Voake
Edited byMichael McReynolds
Jon Schnepp
Major Independents
Distributed byMajor Independents
Lions Gate Films
Release date
  • July 7, 2009 (2009-07-07)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$3 million

A Day in the Life is a 2009 American musical crime film, written, directed by and starring Sticky Fingaz, released on July 7, 2009 by Major Independents and Lions Gate Films. The film tells about one day in the life of Sticky, the leader of the gang, who is trying to escape from criminal life. A Day in the Life contains no spoken dialogue. Instead, the actors rap all their lines over a hip-hop beat.


The main role in the film was played by Sticky Fingaz. He also wrote the script and presented himself as a producer and composer of the film. The film co-stars Bokeem Woodbine, Michael Rapaport, Omar Epps, Mekhi Phifer and rappers Fredro Starr, Kurupt and Treach from the rap-group Naughty By Nature. It's the last film appearance of Lamont Bentley who died in a car accident 4 years earlier.


Sticky Fingaz plays a main role in a rap musical about gangster that gets caught up in a bloody war between two criminal families. When the Black's family attacks a crack house and kills its people, Stick is forced to choose between retreat and revenge, which may involve him in a vicious circle of violence.


The film was made in the rap opera genre and was filmed in Los Angeles in 2003, that's when Sticky Fingaz first mentioned this film in the press in an interview for the MVRemix portal. [1]

«... My next album is called 'A Day In The Life Of Sticky Fingaz'. The whole thing is almost like 'Black Trash', like a story where the whole thing connects but each song makes sense and stands alone by itself. The whole thing is one day... It's not even an album... You'll be able to play it or watch it or do both simultaneously as the songs go. It's almost like a hip-hop Broadway play. It will be a new age in music.»

In 2007, in an interview for The A-List Magazine, the director figuratively described the plot of the film as a story in which «"The Godfather" meets "Romeo and Juliet"». [2] In the same year, in an interview based on fan questions from the Onyx website's forum, Sticky Fingaz called his film «Shakespearean rap opera».

«... I'm going to sharply change the game. I have a film in which I am a director and I play a main role, it's called "A Day In The Life". It's like a Shakespearean rap opera, I still don't know which genre to assign to it. I will be the first person to show my album in cinemas. Now all the music will be visual. Do you know how cinema has less impact without inserted music? This is the opposite. Music is less effective without visuals. I am going to change this situation.»

In 2008, in an interview for the portal RapReviews, Sticky Fingaz referred to the new film as a movie built on rap: «A Day In The Life — basically it's Black Trash, the Kirk Jones album, on steroids. The whole entire movie is a wrap. There are no regular parts in the movie at all, all the dialogue is in rap.» [3]


The film premiered on July 2, 2009 in West Hollywood, California. [4] The film was released on DVD 5 days later, on July 7, 2009. [5] [6] In Russia, the film was released on DVD by the company Mysteriya Zvuka on March 31, 2011. [7] The Russian edition was accompanied by Russian subtitles.

In 2015, Sticky Fingaz released the film How To Make A Major Independent Movie in which he talked about how the film A Day In The Life was created: [8] [9] «When I started filming A Day In The Life I wanted to make film and describe the process I went through. That's how was created the documentary How To Make A Major Independent Movie, which provides behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to aspiring filmmakers, alongside words of advice from many others.»


Sticky Fingaz Sticky
Fredro Starr Phya
Bokeem Woodbine Bam Bam
Mekhi Phifer King Khi
Michael Rapaport Detective Grant
Tyrin Turner Detective Lou
Omar Epps O
Faizon Love 'Black' Ike Smith
Drena De Niro P
Kurupt Murder
Melinda SantiagoHeaven
Michael Kenneth Williams Killer Mike
Omar "Iceman" SharifOse
Anthony "Treach" CrissArmor
Shelton "Ess Man" RiversBarry Grey
Steve LobelHawk
Bruce SandlinNex
Clarence Williams III Sam


A Day In The Life: The Soundtrack
A Day In The Life - The Soundtrack.jpg
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedJuly 14, 2009 (iTunes) ,
August 18, 2009 (
Genre Soundtrack, rap opera
Label Major Independents
Tommy Boy Records
Producer Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, Shelton "Ess Man" Rivers, Desmond "DSP" Powell

A Day In The Life: The Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the 2009 movie of the same name, released digitally on July 14, 2009 by Major Independents and Tommy Boy Records. Physical CDs were released on August 18, 2009. The music for the film was produced by Shelton "Ess Man" Rivers and Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones. The very first track, "Prologue", and 4 bonus tracks were produced by Desmond "DSP" Powell.

CD 1

1."Prologue"Ben Patrick, K.C. «Mezmo» Collins, Erik Palladino, Nadine Velazquez, Melinda Santiago, Drena De Niro, Bokeem Woodbine, Sticky Fingaz, Tony Curran, Faizon Love, Omar Epps, Michael K. Williams, Fredro Starr, Troy Garity, Michael Rapaport, Tyrin Turner, Mekhi Phifer, Clarence Williams III & Ryan Toby2:49
2."Home Invasion #1"Page Kennedy, Alvin Holland, K.C. «Mezmo» Collins, Steve Lobel, Veronica Gray & Ian «Blaze» Kelly2:23
3."The Beach"Sticky Fingaz, Melinda Santiago & Keith Robinson2:26
4."The Pick Up"Raymond «Detroit Diamonds» Wells & Sticky Fingaz1:35
5."Can You Hear Me"Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Raymond «Detroit Diamonds» Wells & Lamont Bentley3:07
6."Mexican Standoff"Sticky Fingaz, Michael K. Williams, Fredro Starr & James «730 Da Boss» Smith2:54
7."The Car Chase"Sticky Fingaz, Michael K. Williams, Ray J & Shorty Mack2:08
8."The Setup #1"Malik Barnhardt, Faizon Love, K.C. «Mezmo» Collins & Malinda Williams3:09
9."Snitches"Tyrin Turner, Michael Rapaport, Darren «Akten Up» Miller & Sticky Fingaz2:57
10."The Setup #2"Sticky Fingaz, Melinda Santiago, Malik Barnhardt, K.C. «Mezmo» Collins, Tony Hussle & Fredro Starr1:19
11."Phya Is Shot"Sticky Fingaz, Truth Hurts, Raymond «Detroit Diamonds» Wells & Tony Curran1:56
12."Prego"Melinda Santiago, Sticky Fingaz & Chocolatt2:29
13."I Need Some Advice"Josh Levien, Omar Epps & Sticky Fingaz3:18
14."The Gun Dealer"Treach, Sticky Fingaz & Omar «Iceman» Lindsey2:48
15."Streets Ain’t Got No Love"Gill Gayle, Erik Palladino, Nadine Velazquez, Jon Schnepp, Pat Alphonse, Chris Fleming & Sticky Fingaz2:20
16."Gun Loader"Bruce «X1» Sandlin, Omar «Iceman» Lindsey & Sticky Fingaz1:09
17."Home Invasion #2"Sticky Fingaz, Kurupt, James «730 Da Boss» Smith, Vilma Santiago, Toni Hunter & Lil' Zane2:32
18."Body Bags"Tyrin Turner, Troy Garity, Michael Rapaport, Shelton «Essman» Rivers, Tash & Faizon Love2:09
19."The Hit Man"Faizon Love, Mekhi Phifer & Radha Nilia1:45
20."Drop A Jewel On Me"Clarence Williams III, Sticky Fingaz, Marcus Smith III & Gromyko Collins3:28

CD 2

1."Ain’t Scared Of No Police"Michael Rapaport, Tyrin Turner & Sticky Fingaz2:18
2."Gotta Die"Sticky Fingaz, Michael K. Williams, Mario Jones & Bokeem Woodbine2:43
3."Brother To Brother"Bokeem Woodbine & Sticky Fingaz2:45
4."The Preacher"Sticky Fingaz & Malik Whitfield2:39
5."Getting' Outta The Game"Sticky Fingaz, Peter «Pistol Pete» Torres & Drena De Niro2:31
6."Don’t Owe Me Nothin'"Omar Epps & Sticky Fingaz2:22
7."The Assassination"Hassan Johnson, Vivian Smallwood, Nancye Ferguson, Fredro Starr & Bokeem Woodbine2:13
8."Not To Kill Black"Melinda Santiago & Sticky Fingaz2:06
9."Can’t Live Forever"Bokeem Woodbine, Fredro Starr, James «730 Da Boss» Smith & Keith Robinson2:24
10."Love To Love You"Melinda Santiago3:02
11."Police Chief"Erik Palladino, Gill Gayle & Nadine Velazquez0:43
12."Plot Is Gettin' Thicker"Faizon Love, Tash, Dontwon & Michael «Big Bear» Taliferro2:14
13."Cops Following Me"Tyrin Turner & Michael Rapaport0:52
14."The Airport"Tash, Kenneth «Mustafa» Robertson, Faizon Love, Sticky Fingaz, Melinda Santiago, Bokeem Woodbine, Fredro Starr, Tyrin Turner & Michael Rapaport3:16
15."I’m Dead"Sticky Fingaz & Melinda Santiago2:42
16."Love Is A Gun (Bonus Track)"Onyx, Mezmo4:35
17."Debo The Game (Bonus Track)"Sticky Fingaz3:56
18."Blinded By The Light (Bonus Track)"Onyx, Optimus4:48
19."Onyxdomain.com (Bonus Track)"Onyx3:45
20."No Swagger (iTunes Bonus Track)"Sticky Fingaz3:42

Critical response

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar half.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [10]

The film received positive reviews from critics. Erin Burris from JustPressPlay wrote her review: «...The movie was just an endless array of flashy camera and flashier guns and jewelry. It was shot after shot of shot after shot. The whole film was a glorified music video and an excuse to show ladies in hot tubs and gratuitous gun shot wounds. No wonder it didn’t have a theatrical release.» [11]

Bart Rietvink from Cine Magazine also spoke on this subject: «...Women like sex objects, gangsters, shoot outs, and pampered rides abound in 'A Day in the Life', but it all thunders little when the lyrics reach the viewer (usually) in rhyme and accompanied with a nice beat.» [12]

Tyler Foster from DVDTalk gave his own assessment: «...And yet A Day in the Life is a highly entertaining and extremely watchable movie, because the plot and direction all take a backseat to Jones' central conceit, which is clever, interesting and different.» [13]

Christopher Armstead from FilmCriticsUnited summed up: «...I did enjoy watching ‘A Day in the Life’ which is the second Hip Hopera I’ve seen with the first being ‘Confessions of a Thug’. ‘Thug’ was probably an overall better movie than ‘Life’ even though it had a quarter of a percent of the star power of ‘Life’, but... ‘A Day in the Life’ was 100% pure hip-hop.» [14]

Jeff from The Jaded Viewer gave his final forecast: «See this movie. At least, for novelty sake. I mean this film has singlehandedly reaffirmed my faith in modern black cinema. I had once been lost and confused. Searching for something to fill the emptiness in my soul that was once filled with rap and gang violence. But now, I can say, once again, I am whole. Yes, I have found my savior. And my savior’s name is Sticky Fingaz.» [15]

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