A Passage into Forlorn

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A Passage into Forlorn
Neuraxis - Passage into Forlorn.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 11, 2001 (2001-05-11)
RecordedSeptember 1 – 4, 2000, at Studio du Nord (Macamic)
Genre Melodic death metal, technical death metal
Label Neoblast
Producer Neuraxis
Neuraxis chronology
A Passage into Forlorn
Truth Beyond...

A Passage into Forlorn is the second studio album by Canadian death metal band Neuraxis. It was released on May 11, 2001, by Neoblast Records. It was released almost four years after the band's debut and features a new line-up, with only founding members guitarist Steven Henry and bassist Yan Thiel as returning members.


Like their debut, the album was self-released through the band's own label, Neoblast Records. After the band's signing with Galy Records and Earache Records, a compilation album was released featuring both A Passage into Forlorn and Imagery remastered.

Track listing

1."Unite"Alsop, CampbellMilley, Henry3:03
2."Virtuosity"Henry, MilleyHenry, Milley5:14
3."The Art of Sadness"Alsop, CampbellHenry, Milley3:44
4."Link"Henry, CampbellHenry, Milley4:09
5."Blind the Vision that Shatters"AlsopHenry, Milley3:04
6."To Pacify"HenryHenry, Milley2:22
7."The Drop"MooreHenry0:40
8."Forlorn..."instrumentalMilley, Henry1:39
Total length:23:55



Additional musician


Additional personnel

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<i>Imagery</i> (album) 1997 studio album by Neuraxis

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