Against All Oddz (Young Noble and E.D.I. album)

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Against All Oddz
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 7, 2006
Genre Gangsta rap
Length53 m.
Label Real Talk Entertainment
Producer Big Hollis, Derrick Johnson, Tron Treezy
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Against All Oddz
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Against All Oddz
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Against All Oddz
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Against All Odds is a collaborative studio album by American rappers Young Noble and E.D.I., It was released on March 7, 2006. In addition to the regular album, a "clean" version, with profanity removed, was also released. [1] [2]


Track listing

1."Ride It Out" (Intro)Big Hollis4:21
2."Outlaw Pride"Big Hollis4:39
3."Leave the Past Behind"Big Hollis5:10
4."Rules of Life"Derrick "Sac" Johnson0:09
5."Clutchin' on a 45"Big Hollis3:56
6."Pimpin' in My Blood"Tron Treez5:08
7."Make You Happy"Big Hollis4:25
8."Same Thang"Big Hollis3:56
9."Keep on Doin It"Tron Treez5:27
10."I Wanna Know"Big Hollis3:25
11."All Family, No Friends"Tron Treez4:32
12."Big Time"Derrick "Sac" Johnson0:27
13."Don't Change"Big Hollis4:28
14."We Outlawz" (Outro)Big Hollis3:14

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