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Outlawz - Novakane in 2001.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 23, 2001 [1]
Genre Gangsta rap , hardcore hip hop
Label Outlaw Recordz
Koch Records
Producer Outlawz (exec.)
Reefologist Da Street Criminologist, E.D.I., Muhammad "Madball" Bell, William "Bill Blast" Irving, Paul Poli, Bosko, Mike Dean, Joey Glasses, L. T. Hutton, Quimmy Quim, Shorty B., Floss P, Mack 4, DJ Felli Fel
Outlawz chronology
Ride wit Us or Collide wit Us
Neva Surrenda
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Novakane is the second studio album by American hip-hop group Outlawz, It was released on October 23, 2001 on Outlaw Recordz and Koch Records.


Track listing

2."Rize" (E.D.I., Kastro, Napoleon, Young Noble, featuring Big Syke)Reefologist Da Street Criminologist3:59
3."This Is the Life" (Napoleon, Young Noble, E.D.I.)Muhammad "Madball" Bell, William "Bill Blast" Irving3:59
4."Ghetto Gutta" (Kastro, E.D.I.)Shorty B.3:54
5."Our Life" (Napoleon, E.D.I., Young Noble, Kastro)Paul Poli4:02
6."Y'all Can't Do" (Napoleon, Young Noble, E.D.I., Kastro) L.T. Hutton 4:23
7."Interlude 1"E.D.I.0:30
8."Red Bull & Vodka" (Young Noble, E.D.I., Napoleon)L.T. Hutton3:24
9."2nd Hand Smoke" (Kastro, Young Noble, Napoleon)Joey Glasses4:50
10."Interlude 2"E.D.I.1:08
11."Boxspring Boogie" (E.D.I., Young Noble)Quimmy Quim4:05
12."History" (Young Noble, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro)Reefologist Da Street Criminologist4:25
13."So Many Stories" (Napoleon, Young Noble featuring Hellraza a.k.a. Muszamil)Floss P3:39
14."World Wide (Remix)" (E.D.I., 2Pac, Napoleon, Young Noble)DJ Felli Fel5:10
15."Die If U Wanna" (Napoleon) Mike Dean 3:14
16."Interlude 3"E.D.I.1:18
17."Loyalty" (E.D.I., Napoleon, Young Noble, Kastro featuring Ed Bone & Kamikaze)Mack 44:20


SongPerformer(s)Samples & Vocals
HistoryYoung Noble, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro)
  • Flute (Bass) Valerie King
  • Drums (Djembe) Jimmy Jean-Louis
  • Flute (Alto) Valerie King
  • Keyboards: James "D.C." Wilson, III
  • Flute: Valerie King
  • Harp (Electric) Vonette Yama Quinuma
  • Guitar: Hans Johansson
  • Vocals: Seal
  • Drums: Sebastian Ayamanns
World Wide (Remix)E.D.I., 2Pac, Napoleon, Young Noble
  • Additional Producer: Bosko
  • Voice (Talk Box): Bosko
  • Guitar: D-Wiz
  • Vocals (Featuring) T-Low
  • Backing Vocals (Additional) Crysis

Album chart positions

Chart (2001)Peak
U.S. Billboard 200100
U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums24
U.S. Billboard Top Independent Albums3

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