American National Biography

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American National Biography
CountryUnited States
Publisher Oxford University Press for the American Council of Learned Societies
  • 1999 (24 vols.)
  • 2002 (1st Supplement)
  • 2005 (2nd Supplement)
Media typePrint, Digital
No. of books26

The American National Biography (ANB) is a 24-volume biographical encyclopedia set that contains about 17,400 entries [1] and 20 million words, [2] first published in 1999 by Oxford University Press under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies.



A 400-entry supplement appeared in 2002. [3] Additional funding came from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. [4]

The ANB bills itself as the successor of the Dictionary of American Biography , which was first published between 1926 and 1937. It is not, however, a strict superset of this older publication; the selection of topics was made anew. [5]

It is commonly available in the reference sections of United States libraries, [6] [7] and is available online by subscription (see external links).

Awards and reception

In 1999, the American Library Association awarded the American National Biography its Dartmouth Medal [8] as a reference work of outstanding quality and significance. The American Historical Association's Waldo G. Leland Prize was awarded for 2001. [9]

It has been criticized for missing cross references and occasional errors, [10] and for its cost, which is said to limit availability in poor countries. [11]

Selected access

General editors: John Arthur Garraty, PhD (1920–2007) & Mark Christopher Carnes, PhD (born 1950)

Volumes via Internet Archive (full access, free, with registration)

Vol. 1 ANB ("Aarons, Alexander A." – "Baird, Spencer Fullerton"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127803; OCLC   246050663(all editions).
Vol. 2 ANB ("Baker, Belle" – "Blatch, Harriet Stanton"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127811; OCLC   772371682(all editions).
Vol. 4 ANB ("Burnett, Alfred" – "Clarke, Lewis G."). 1999. Retrieved 28 May 2021. ISBN   0195127838; OCLC   772374229(all editions).
Vol. 5 ANB ("Clarke, Mary Bayard Devereux" – "DaCosta, John Chambers"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127846; OCLC   795981225(all editions).
Vol. 7 ANB ("Dubuque, Julien" – "Fishbein, Morris"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127862; OCLC   772374289(all editions).
Vol. 9 ANB ("Gilbert, Anne Hartley" – "Hand, Learned"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127889; OCLC   772374263(all editions).
Vol. 10 ANB ("Handerson, Henry Ebenezer" – "Hofmann, Josef Casimir"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127897; OCLC   772371685(all editions).
Vol. 12 ANB ("Jeremiah, Thomas" – "Kurtz, Benjamin"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127919; OCLC   246051972(all editions).
Vol. 13 ANB ("Kurtzman, Harvey" – "Lovecraft, H.P."). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127927; OCLC   772371685(all editions).
Vol. 17 ANB ("Park, Edwards Amasa" – "Pushmataha"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   019512796X; OCLC   772371687(all editions).
Vol. 20 ANB ("Simms, Florence" – "Stratemeyer, George Edward"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195127994; OCLC   246052393(all editions).
Vol. 21 ANB ("Stratton, Eugene" – "Tunney, Gene"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195128001; OCLC   795981277(all editions).
Vol. 23 ANB ("Wellek, René" – "Wrenn, Robert Duffield"). 1999. Retrieved 20 May 2021. ISBN   0195128028; OCLC   1003045645(all editions).

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