Anders Thomas Jensen

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Anders Thomas Jensen
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Jensen in 2015
Born (1972-04-06) 6 April 1972 (age 50)
Occupation Film director, screenwriter
SpouseLine Kruse

Anders Thomas Jensen (born 6 April 1972) is a Danish screenwriter and film director. His film Election Night won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.


Life and career

Jensen was born in Frederiksværk. He won the Oscar for Best Short Subject for his 1998 film Election Night . He received Oscar nominations in the live-action short category for his films Ernst & Lyset (1996) and Wolfgang (1997). He also wrote the script for After the Wedding which was nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign film in 2007, The New Tenants , which won the 2009 Oscar for Best Live Action Short and In a Better World which won the Oscar for Best Foreign film in 2011 and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign film.

From the end of the 1990s and into the new millennium he wrote the screenplays for most of the Danish movie blockbusters of the period, including Mifune's Last Song (co-written with Søren Kragh-Jacobsen), In China They Eat Dogs , Open Hearts , Stealing Rembrandt , and Brothers .

In 2000 Anders Thomas Jensen for the first time directed a feature film: the action-comedy Flickering Lights , and since then directed The Green Butchers, Adam's Apples , Men & Chicken and Riders of Justice .

"As there was the Lubitsch touch and the Wilder touch, we can now speak of the Jensen touch -- a twinge of pathos acknowledged quietly, relying on our sympathy for the characters' bizarre frailties."

David Bordwell [1]

Jensen co-wrote the film The Dark Tower with Nikolaj Arcel, Akiva Goldsman, and Jeff Pinkner, based on the Stephen King series. It was Jensen's first work on an American screenplay.


Director Writer Notes
1996Restless HeartNoYesShort film
1996Ernst og lysetYesYes
1996Davids bogNoYes
1996Café HectorNoYes
1996De nye lejereNoYes
1996Ernst og lysetNoYes
1997Royal BluesNoNoActor
1998 Election Night YesYesShort film
1998On Our OwnNoNoScript consultant
1998AlbertNoYes [2]
1999En sjælden fuglNoYesShort film
1999The FuneralNoYes
1999 Mifune NoYes
1999 In China They Eat Dogs NoYes
2000Zacharias Carl BorgNoYes
2000The King is AliveNoYes
2000 Flickering Lights YesYes
2001Count AxelNoYes
2001En kort en langNoNoActor
2001 Chop Chop NoNoDialogue contributor
2002 Old Men in New Cars NoYes
2002 Open Hearts NoYes
2002 Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself NoYes
2003 The Green Butchers YesYes
2003 Skagerrak NoYes
2003 Stealing Rembrandt NoYes
2004 Brothers NoYes
2005 Dear Wendy NoNoScript consultant
2005Vet HardNoYes
2005 Solkongen NoYes
2005 Adam's Apples YesYes
2005 Murk NoYes
2006 After the Wedding NoYes
2006 Red Road NoNoCharacters
2006 Clash of Egos NoYes
2006Sprængfarlig bombeNoYes
2007With Your PermissionNoYes
2007White NightNoYes
2008 The Duchess NoYes
2008 Fear Me Not NoYes
2009 At World's End NoYes
2009The New TenantsNoYesShort film
2009 Antichrist NoNoStory supervisor
2009Ved verdens endeNoYes
2010 In a Better World NoYes
2010 Donkeys NoNoCharacters
2012 Love Is All You Need NoYes
2013 All for Two NoYes
2014 The Salvation NoYes
2014 A Second Chance NoYes
2015 Men & Chicken YesYes
2015 The Shamer's Daughter NoYes
2015Mennesker bliver spistNoNoScript consultant
2015 Land of Mine NoNoScript consultant
2017 The Dark Tower NoYes
2017 Veni Vidi Vici NoNoTV series, script consultant
2020 Riders of Justice YesYes
TBAAbbi FedeNoYes

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