Too Fat Too Furious

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Too Fat Too Furious
Directed by Tim Oliehoek
Release date
  • 3 February 2005 (2005-02-03)
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Too Fat Too Furious (Dutch : Vet hard) is a 2005 Dutch action comedy film. It is a remake of the Danish film Old Men in New Cars and received a Golden Film for 100,000 visitors.



Bennie, a clumsy criminal who's touchy about his weight, teams up with his adoptive father's biological (serial killer) son, his employees who in his absence turned his snack-bar into a quiche bakery, a suicidal manic-depressive woman and a Yugoslavian who unintentionally keeps blowing things up. They need to get 300.000 Euros to get Bennie's father a new liver. Complicating matters are that Bennie is being stalked by gangsters who want him to pay back a debt, the employees are more interested in cooking than in criminality, nobody can communicate with the Yugoslavian, the adoptive and biological son don't get along, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong - leaving a path of damaged buildings, people and - especially - vehicles behind.


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