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Andrew Lawrence
Andrew James Lawrence

(1979-12-17) 17 December 1979 (age 41)
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England
Alma mater University of St Andrews
Years active2003–present

Andrew James Lawrence (born 17 December 1979) is an English comedian known for his work in stand-up comedy, radio and television.


Early life and education

Born in Kingston upon Thames, Andrew Lawrence attended Tiffin School [1] and the University of St Andrews, where he began his stand-up career at a regular comedy night. [2]

Stage career

Pleasance Courtyard during the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, location of Lawrence's Fringe performances. Pleasance Courtyard.jpg
Pleasance Courtyard during the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, location of Lawrence's Fringe performances.

Lawrence's university debut led on to the Edinburgh Fringe, where he was runner up in the 2003 So You Think You're Funny competition. [3] Subsequently, he won the Amused Moose Starsearch, York Comedy Festival New Act of the Year Competition and the BBC's New Act of the Year Competition in 2004.

He presented his first hour-long comedy show at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe entitled How to Butcher your Loved Ones. It was nominated for the if.comeddie award (as it was known for that year only) for Best Newcomer. His 2007 Fringe show, Social Leprosy For Beginners & Improvers, was nominated for the main if.comedy award. [4] He has returned to the Fringe every year up to 2015.

As well as touring shows in the UK, Lawrence has performed abroad at the Just For Laughs Montreal Festival Showcase [5] and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. [6]

TV and radio career

Lawrence has featured in numerous radio and TV shows, mostly as a stand-up performer. He has also appeared on television as a comic actor, playing the builder Marco in the BBC TV sitcom Ideal. [7] He has written and performed four series for BBC Radio 4, most recently the 2015 sitcom There Is No Escape. [8]

On 25 October 2014, Lawrence wrote a lengthy post on his official Facebook page drawing attention to a perceived rise in "'political' comedians cracking cheap and easy gags about UKIP, to the extent that it's got hack, boring and lazy very quickly" and described such comedians as being "out of touch, smug, superannuated, overpaid TV comics with their cosy lives in their west-London ivory towers taking a supercilious, moralising tone, pandering to the ever-creeping militant political correctness of the BBC". Although having previously appeared on several comedy programmes on the channel, he went on to describe "liberal back-slapping panel shows like Mock the Week " as consisting of "aging, balding, fat men, ethnic comedians and women-posing-as-comedians, sit congratulating themselves on how enlightened they are about the fact that UKIP are ridiculous and pathetic". [9]

The post, and subsequent Twitter disputes with fellow comedians such as Dara Ó Briain [10] and Frankie Boyle, [11] were covered by the UK press. [10] On 3 October 2015, he qualified his political beliefs in a post on his website, stating that "I've noticed a number of journalists in comedy have taken to labelling me a 'right-wing comedian'... I don't subscribe to any political ideology and I am not in any way affiliated with any political organisation." However, he also acknowledged that he has "certainly been very critical of the resurgent hard-left wing in British politics" and "critical of left-wing hysteria on the internet, and the left-wing establishment in comedy". [12]

Other work

In 2015 his first book, Reasons to Kill Yourself, was published. [13]

TV and radio credits


2007–10 Ideal Marco BBC Three
2010 Michael MacIntyre's Comedy Roadshow Stand-upBBC One
2010 Dave's One Night Stand Stand-up Dave
2011 Live at the Apollo Stand-up BBC One
2012 Stand Up for the Week Regular performer Channel 4
2013John Bishop's Only JokingRegular performer Sky 1
2016The Outcast ComicDocumentarySky Arts


2006–07ShipwreckedPresenter Channel 4 Radio
2010What To Do If You're Not Like Everybody Else (Series 1) [14] Writer, performer BBC Radio 4
2011What To Do If You're Not Like Everybody Else (Series 2)Writer, performerBBC Radio 4
2012How Did We End Up Like This?Writer, performerBBC Radio 4
2015There Is No Escape [15] Writer, AndrewBBC Radio 4


2003So You Think You're Funny? [3] Runner-up
2004York Comedy Festival New Act of the YearWinner
2004Amused Moose Starsearch 2004Winner
2004BBC New Act of the Year [2] [16] Winner
2006 if.comedy award (Best Newcomer) [4] Nominated
2006Sony Radio AwardsNominated
2007 if.comedy award (Best Act) [4] Nominated
2010Chortle Award – Best UK Headline Act [17] Nominated
2011Chortle Award – Best UK Headline Act [17] Nominated

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