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Occupation(s)Mixer, record producer
Associated acts Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Post Malone, Kimbra, Lewis Del Mar

Andrew Maury is an American record producer, mixing engineer, and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. [1]



Maury has worked with artists such as Lewis Del Mar, Lizzo, Ra Ra Riot, Shawn Mendes, Grace Mitchell, Post Malone, RAC, Panama Wedding, Atlas Genius, Kimbra, Delicate Steve, Milagres, High Highs, Penguin Prison, Kisses, Satchmode, COIN, The Kooks, and CRUISR. [2] [3] In the summer of 2009, he worked on Tegan and Sara's Sainthood alongside producer and Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla at the world-famous Sound City Studios in Los Angeles. [1] Maury also spent years mixing front of house on tour for artists such as Ra Ra Riot and Givers, and has mixed shows for bands such as Delicate Steve, Surfer Blood, and Chairlift. [4]

Producer / Engineer / Mixer credits

2020August Lewis Del Mar P, E, M
2020Everlasting Loyal Lobos M
2020"u n me but mostly me"ELIOM
2020"Crowd" Silver Sphere M
2020"always" Keshi M
2020"Makeup Drawer" Isaac Dunbar M
2019"What A Shame" Leyla Blue M
2019Table Of Context Cautious Clay MA
2019Ley Lines Flor M
2019"Jerome" Lizzo M
2019"Drunk On A Rhythm" Gothic Tropic M
2019Till I Burn Up Delicate Steve M
2018 Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes M
2018"Ooh Lordy"YoungrM
2017come out you're hiding Flor M
2017glistenJeremy ZuckerM
2017idleJeremy ZuckerM
2017"There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" Shawn Mendes P, M
2017How Will You Know If You Never Try COIN P, M
2016"Broken Whiskey Glass", "Leave" Post Malone M
2016Lewis Del Mar Lewis Del Mar P, E, M
2016"Sweet Relief" Kimbra P, M
2015Cascades High Highs P, E, M
2016EP Lewis Del Mar P, E, M
2015Into Focus EP Panama Wedding P, E, M
2015 Inanimate Objects Atlas Genius M (9 tracks)
2015Use Your Time WiselyStrange NamesP, E, M
2015Lost In New York Penguin Prison M (9 Tracks)
2015Rest In Paradise Kisses P, M
2015"Go For It" Single CRUISR P, E, M
2015Live In Las Vegas Delicate Steve M
2015Karl KlingKarl KlingM
2015COIN COIN M (4 tracks)
2014SadieAstronauts, etc.M
2014All Over CRUISR P, E, M
2014 Parallel Play Panama Wedding P, E, M
2014Strangers RAC M
2014"Pretend Believe" single HOLYCHILD M
2014 Shatter Me Lindsey Stirling M (2 tracks)
2013"All of the People" single Panama Wedding P, M
2013 Violent Light Milagres M
2013 In Blue The Static Jacks P, E, M
2013VancouverDIAZP, E, M
2012Kids in L.A. Kisses M
2013"A Real Hero" single High Highs M
2012Vol. I & Vol. IIHINTSP, E, M
2012Valerie + The Big Ship 7" Ra Ra Riot / Delicate Steve E, M
2012Remembrance of things to Come Princeton E, M
2011"Some Boys (RAC Maury Mix)" Death Cab for Cutie Remix
2011Massachusetts 2010 Mathieu Santos P, E, M
2010 The Orchard Ra Ra Riot P, E
2010The Heart of the Nightlife Kisses P, M
2010WarshipThe House FloorE, M
2010 Sainthood Tegan and Sara Logic Operator
2009Laces The Static Jacks P, E, M


From 2008 to 2013, Maury was a contributing member of RAC and has been creating remixes since 2007 for dozens of rock artists such as Surfer Blood, The Static Jacks, Death Cab for Cutie, Lenka, Clubfeet, Lacrymosa, Jukebox the Ghost, Tokyo Police Club, and Phoenix. [5] [6] [7]



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