Bad Boy (1935 film)

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Bad Boy
Dorothy Wilson and James Dunn in Bad Boy (cropped).jpg
Press photo of Dorothy Wilson and
James Dunn
Directed by John G. Blystone
Screenplay by Allen Rivkin
Produced byEdward Butcher
Starring James Dunn
Dorothy Wilson
Louise Fazenda
Victor Kilian
John Wray
Luis Alberni
Cinematography Bert Glennon
Edited by Margaret Clancey
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date
  • October 25, 1935 (1935-10-25)
Running time
56 minutes
CountryUnited States

Bad Boy is a 1935 American comedy film directed by John G. Blystone and written by Allen Rivkin. The film stars James Dunn, Dorothy Wilson, Louise Fazenda, Victor Kilian, John Wray and Luis Alberni. The film was released on October 25, 1935, by 20th Century Fox. [1] [2] [3]



Cynical Eddie (James Dunn) spends most of his time hustling suckers at the pool hall, much to the dismay of his girlfriend, Sally (Dorothy Wilson). Her mother (Beulah Bondi) and stepfather (John Wray) disapprove of Eddie's lifestyle and lack of steady employment and demand that the two stop seeing each other. Instead, the couple secretly marry, but Eddie, despite his best efforts, has trouble finding a job. He becomes increasingly desperate, and eventually is on the verge of giving up entirely.


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