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Billy Mann
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Background information
Birth nameWilliam Isaiah Erlichman
Also known asWilliam Hort-Mann, Billy Mann
Born (1968-12-20) December 20, 1968 (age 52)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Genres Pop, rock, dance, urban, country, world
Occupation(s)Songwriter, record producer, creative executive, music publisher
Years active1989-present
LabelsEMI, BMG, Sony, Zomba, Universal, Warner Chappell, A&M, DV8, PolyGram
Associated acts

William H. Mann (born William Isaiah Erlichman; December 20, 1968) is a Grammy-winning American songwriter, record producer, creative executive, music publisher, and founder/CEO of independent music publishing company Green & Bloom/Topline, [1] as well as chairman of management firm Manncom. [2] In addition to Mann’s existing management and publishing holdings, in 2021, alongside partner, vet music executive, Benton James, he launched Proof Of Concept, a boutique talent development and creative media services firm which focuses on elevating the stories, brands and careers of creatives and corporates alike for tomorrow’s digital landscape. Later that same year, April 2021, in partnership with Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide, Mann and James announced the launch of joint venture label, icons+giants. [3]


Over a 25-year period, Mann has written songs and/or produced records for/with an array of artists, [4] including P!nk, John Legend, Celine Dion, Take That, Backstreet Boys, Cher, David Guetta, [5] Kelly Rowland, Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow, Burt Bacharach, Bebe Rexha, Ty Dolla $ign, Ricky Martin, Anastacia, Art Garfunkel, Sting, Joss Stone, Robyn, Grover Washington Jr., Chaka Khan, Boyzone, Paula Abdul, Helene Fischer, Cher Lloyd, Paul Van Dyk, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Brown and Carole King.

Since penning his first top 10 hit in the UK for EMI in 1995 with "3 Is Family" by Dana Dawson, [6] Mann has racked up several Top 40 hits [7] around the world (including several Top 10s and number 1s), [8] with cumulative album sales of over 110 million. [9]

Early life and education

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [10] as the youngest of three children. [11] Born to middle class parents, Mann lived with his mother in Philadelphia’s inner city after his parents’ divorce. From early childhood, he began experimenting with songwriting and taught himself guitar, piano, bass, harmonica, baritone horn and flute. [11] By age 12, Mann had put together several bands with other young local musicians, including musicians such as Steven Wolf, [12] Clayton Sears [13] and Adam Dorn (a.k.a. Mocean Worker). [14]

Mann attended the Philadelphia High School for the Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA) [15] for Vocal Music, alongside members of Boyz II Men, The Roots, Christian McBride and Joey DeFrancesco, receiving his diploma in three years. Three years after high school, in 1989 he received his bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts while working his way through school as the graveyard shift school operator and delivering El Greco’s Pizza.



A college graduate by 20, Mann immediately began his professional career by living in a car (a 1986 blue Nissan Sentra) for nearly two years as a traveling as a traveling musician. [16] After stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and London, Mann landed in New York, where a chance encounter [17] with producer Ric Wake, put together by songwriter/performer Gregg Wattenberg, resulted in a flurry of contracts. [18] Wake then introduced Mann to then A&M Records label head, Al Cafaro; Mann was ultimately signed to Wake for publishing, to Wake’s production company, and to Wake’s imprint DV8 Records, distributed by A&M. [19]

The deal led to two solo releases: 1996’s Billy Mann [20] and 1998’s Earthbound. [21] Inspired by the loss of his first wife Rema Hort Mann, to stomach cancer nine months after they were married, Earthbound was co-produced by Mann and David Kershenbaum and featured co-writes with and an appearance by early mentor Carole King.

Following the release of Earthbound, Mann relocated to Europe.[ citation needed ]


Mann has written songs for artists across a number of genres including pop, rock, dance, R&B, reggae, house and country. [22] Self-publishing his own catalog, he also has publishing credits with Sony/ATV, Warner/Chappell, Verse and BMG Chrysalis.[ citation needed ] Mann’s songwriting collaborators have included artists such as Carole King, Rudy Perez, Burt Bacharach, Desmond Child, Graham Lyle and Walter Afanasieff, as well as new producer/songwriters like Christian Medice, David Spencer and Supah Mario.[ citation needed ] Of particular note is Mann's long-standing collaboration with P!nk, another Philadelphia native, who was introduced to Mann in 2002 by her then co-manager Craig Logan.[ citation needed ] They since have co-written such songs as "God Is a DJ", "Stupid Girls", "Dear Mr. President", "Nobody Knows", "I’m Not Dead", "Crystal Ball", "Glitter in the Air", "Bridge of Light", "The Truth About Love" and "Beam Me Up".[ citation needed ] They have twice been nominated for Grammys, for "Stupid Girls" and "The Truth About Love". [23] In 2017, Mann co-wrote and produced "I Am Here" on P!nk's already million selling album entitled "Beautiful Trauma". Variety Magazine profiled the long-standing partnership between the artist and Mann just after the album's release. [24] P!nk and Mann continued their catalog of songs in 2019 on the #1 platinum HURTS 2B HUMAN with "The Last Song Of Your Life." [25]

Record producer named Mann one of the Top 10 Producers of 2006. [26] In addition to some of the artists listed above, he has worked in a production capacity with such Grammy-winning producer legends as Peter Asher, Walter Afanasieff, David Foster and James Stroud.

Production and writing credits include

Show Producer

In the summer of 2021, Mann collaborated with Benton James along with Rainmaker Holding Group’s Clay Pecorin, Russell Geyser, Jason Halio, and Zak Tanjeloff to create Song House Live, a reality show that brought musical influencers/social media creators together in a luxury house in upstate New York for eight weeks to live, collaborate, write, sing, rap, swim, meditate, endure pressures, share meals and personal spaces as they create content, and record music in a bid to win a record deal with Capitol Music Group. [27] [28] The experience was livestreamed on multiple cameras throughout the property. At the end of the competition, Tyler Brash was announced as the winner. [29] In addition to Song House Live, Mann is a Consulting Producer of The D'Amelio Show which was released on HULU in September 2021.


In 2001, Mann founded Stealth Entertainment [30] in New York City's garment district. The one-man office and studio grew into a team of a half dozen young executives who went on to develop multi-platinum, award-winning and chart-topping artists, songwriters, producers and mixing engineers like Andy Zulla, Christopher Rojas, Teddy Geiger, [31] Esmee Denters [32] and Pete Wallace, all of whom met Mann at the earliest stages in their careers. Known for his inexplicable ability to identify talent at the earliest stages, Mann is widely known for discovering everyone from Oscar-winning actor Emma Stone and aforementioned Teddy Geiger to internet phenoms Jacob Whitesides and Charli D'Amelio as well as sister Dixie D'Amelio, among others. [33] Mann has managed a host of talents over the course of two decades including the above mentioned as well as Oh Honey, Adi Ulmansky, Natasha Bedingfield, John Ryan, Alex Aiono, Christian Medice, Veronica Ferraro, KATO ON THE TRACK, BLKBOK, Alec Chambers, YOITSCRASH, Olivia Boeyink.

In addition to developing talent, Stealth built successful alliances/partnerships with organizations like Seventeen Magazine, [34] Columbia Records, SonyBMG Special Projects, Target, Levi's and other brands on behalf of the company and its roster. Stealth was acquired as part of Mann's later move to EMI.

As a consultant, Mann has worked with Zomba Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Warner-Chappell, Red Bull Media House, BMG Chrysalis, Bliss Legal and BMG International. He has also been featured as a guest music commentator on The Today Show [35]

He is an advisor on Scenebot Stage [36] [37] [38] and sits on the investor board of Angel Ventures, Mexico.


In November 2007, Mann joined EMI Music as creative advisor and a member of the operating board. [39] Soon after, he was appointed chief creative officer; in 2008, he was made president of new music a&r international and president of global artist management, overseeing content on all continents.

During his years with the company, Mann helmed the development of some of EMI’s most successful international artists and partnerships, including David Guetta, Pablo Alboran, Helene Fischer, Bebe, Juan Luis Guerra, Tiziano Ferro, Robyn, Panda, Paty Cantu, Belinda, Wind Up and Movic, among others. Additionally, he helped develop artist management initiatives in several countries (including Spain, Germany, Italy and the United States) in order to expand the way EMI developed talent. Throughout his EMI tenure, Mann also acted as the non-executive chairman for Stealth Entertainment, which in its latter years focused primarily on songwriter/producer management.

During EMI’s most turbulent period, Mann worked under four CEOs in a mere three years, and carried on through each regime change. EMI’s final CEO Roger Faxon announced Mann’s departure from the company in a glowing letter that reflected the impact on the organization. [40]

In January 2011, Mann was named president of creative, BMG North America, overseeing the creative staff in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville in managing the roster integration of recently acquired companies, and leading efforts to attract, develop, and sign new content. [41]

At the end of 2011, Mann founded Manncom Creative Partners, a boutique talent/services company alongside a publishing venture with BMG, Green & Bloom/Topline. [42] In 2013, BMG extended its investment in Green & Bloom.[ citation needed ] In 2019, Green & Bloom/Topline has celebrated a series of successes with lovelytheband, [43] Supah Mario, [44] Flawless, Dani Poppitt and others.

In addition to Mann’s existing management and publishing holdings, in 2021, alongside partner, vet music executive, Benton James, Mann launched Proof Of Concept, a boutique talent development and creative media services firm which focuses on elevating the stories, brands and careers of creatives and corporates alike for tomorrow’s digital landscape. Later that same year, April 2021, In partnership with Warner Music Group’s ADA Worldwide, Mann announced the launch of joint venture label, icons+giants.

Personal life

Mann is married with four children—two of whom are autistic.[ citation needed ] He sits on the board of Autism Speaks. He is also a co-founder and board member of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.[ citation needed ]

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