Burnt Evidence

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Burnt Evidence
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Directed by Daniel Birt
Produced by Ronald Kinnoch
Screenplay by Ted Willis
Based onoriginal story Burn the Evidence by Percy Hoskins
Starring Jane Hylton
Duncan Lamont
Meredith Edwards
Donald Gray
CinematographyJo Jago
Edited by W.J. Lewthwaite
Act Films Ltd
Distributed byMonarch Film Corporation (world distribution)
Release date
Running time
61 minutes [1]
CountryUnited Kingdom

Burnt Evidence is a 1954 British drama film directed by Daniel Birt and starring Jane Hylton, Duncan Lamont and Donald Gray. [2] Diana Taylor is considering leaving her husband, Jack, who has been trying but failing to build his own business as a builder/decorator. Her suitor, Jimmy Thompson, is Jack's army friend. Jack deduces the relationship and, when Jimmy comes to Jack's business to discuss the situation, a fight ensues - a gun is involved - and one of them is killed. A fire makes it difficult to determine which man has died. While the police search for the survivor, Diana struggles with her feelings. The film was produced by Ronald Kinnoch for Act Films Ltd. [3]



Critical reception

TV Guide called it a "Routine thriller"; [4] while Sky Cinema called it a "Relentlessly sombre thriller." [5]

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