Circumstantial Evidence (1952 film)

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Circumstantial Evidence
Circumstantial Evidence (1952 film).jpg
Directed by Daniel Birt
Written by Allan MacKinnon
Produced by Philip Brandon
Starring Rona Anderson
Patrick Holt
Frederick Leister
Cinematography Brendan J. Stafford
Edited byEily Boland
Distributed by Monarch Film Corporation
Release date
  • 17 November 1952 (1952-11-17)
Running time
61 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

Circumstantial Evidence is a 1952 British crime film directed by Daniel Birt and starring Rona Anderson, Patrick Holt and Frederick Leister. [1] It was made as a supporting feature (B film).



Linda Harrison is about to divorce her estranged husband Steve so she can marry another man, Michael Carteret. But Steve has stolen Carteret's love letters to Linda, and tries to blackmail her. Steve is found dead and the evidence points to Carteret as the murderer. Linda sets out to prove his innocence.



The film was produced by Phil Brandon for Act Films Ltd. [2] It was made as second feature and shot at Shepperton Studios. Art Director Norman G. Arnold designed the sets.

Critical reception

The Monthly Film Bulletin wrote: "A conventional and unremarkable little detective story whose solution becomes obvious at rather too early a stage in the proceedings.” [3]

In British Sound Films: The Studio Years 1928–1959 David Quinlan said: ''Ordinary pocket 'meller'.'' [4]

Chibnall and McFarlane in The British 'B' Film call the film "a conventional but well-crafted murder mystery". [5]

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