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Carmelo Abela

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Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM)
(Sustainable Development, Social Dialogue and the Electoral Manifesto's Implemenation)
Assumed office
15 January 2020
Prime Minister Robert Abela
Preceded byOffice Established
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion
In office
9 June 2017 15 January 2020
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Preceded by George Vella
Succeeded by Evarist Bartolo
Responsible for European & Foreign Affairs
Minister for Home Affairs and National Security
In office
9 December 2014 9 June 2017
Prime MinisterJoseph Muscat
Preceded by Emmanuel Mallia
Succeeded by Michael Farrugia
Personal details
Born (1972-02-10) 10 February 1972 (age 47)
Political party Labour Party
Spouse(s)Melanie Bugeja

Carmelo Abela (born 10 February 1972) is a Maltese politician and is serving as an incumbent Labour MP and was the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security. He also served as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion. [1] and as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta. [2] On 15 January 2020 he was appointed as Minister within the OPM in PM Robert Abela's cabinet.



Carmelo Abela was born on 10 February 1972 in Malta. [2]

He won his first general election in 1996, when he was named to the 8th Parliament of Malta. [2] He has since won all the following parliamentary elections, in 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2013. He was elected Deputy Speaker of the Tenth Parliament on 6 March 2003 and re-appointed on 5 October 2008, resigning as speaker on 5 July 2010. [2]

He has served as Government Whip in the Malta Legislature. [2]

In December 2014, he became Minister for Home Affairs and National Security. [2] As Home Affairs Minister, in January 2017 he stated that the government had “no plans” to extend Maltese citizenship to children born in Malta with migrant parents. Prior to 2001, all children born in Malta were entitled to citizenship, with the law changed to apply to only those born before 1989 in 2001. [3] On 8 June 2017 he was elected Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion. [1]

Personal life

He and his wife Melanie have two children. [2]

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Robert Abela is a Maltese lawyer and politician, currently serving as the 14th prime minister of Malta. A Member of Parliament since 2017, he replaced Joseph Muscat as Leader of the Labour Party following the party's internal leadership election held on 11 January 2020, and was instated as prime minister on 13 January. Abela is the son of George Abela, the eighth president of Malta.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Emmanuel Mallia
Minister for Home Affairs and National Security
Succeeded by
Michael Farrugia
Preceded by
George Vella
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Succeeded by
Evarist Bartolo