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Cascade Designs is an American company specializing in outdoor recreation products. It is located in Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada, and was founded in 1972 by two former Boeing engineers, who were avid backpackers. Their first product innovation was the self-inflating camping mattress, marketed as Therm-a-Rest. In 2015, Cascade Designs moved 1/5 of its workforce to Reno to take advantage of lower wages. [1]


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Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, is a producer of camping, hiking and mountaineering equipment, such as portable stoves, water filters, snowshoes, and tents. While specializing in lightweight and technical equipment, MSR's gear is designed for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts from novice to expert mountaineers. It is located in Seattle, Washington and owned by Cascade Designs.

Therm-a-Rest is an American outdoor product company specializing in camping mattresses, sleeping bags, camp chairs, hammocks, cots, and pillows. Therm-a-Rest began as a line of self-inflating camping mattresses, invented in the early-1970s by two former Boeing engineers and avid backpackers. The company was initially named Cascade Designs, which is now the parent company of Therm-a-Rest and other outdoor brands.

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