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Type Private, subsidiary
IndustryOutdoor equipment manufacturing
Founded1972;51 years ago (1972)
FounderJohn Burroughs, Jim Lea, Neil Anderson
ProductsCamp Chairs, Cots, Pillows, Camp Quilts, Sleeping bags, Sleeping pads
Parent Cascade Designs

Therm-a-Rest is an American outdoor product company specializing in camping mattresses, sleeping bags, camp chairs, cots, and pillows. Therm-a-Rest began as a line of self-inflating camping mattresses, invented in the early-1970s by two former Boeing engineers and avid backpackers. The company was initially named Cascade Designs, which is now the parent company of Therm-a-Rest [1] and other outdoor brands.



Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag OutDoor 2018, Friedrichshafen (1X7A0298).jpg
Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag

A Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress consists of an airtight nylon fabric envelope filled with a sheet of low density, open-cell polyurethane foam. When a valve is opened the foam expands and draws air into the mattress. When the mattress has fully inflated, the user simply closes the valve. To increase firmness a few breaths of air can be blown into the mattress. To pack the mattress the valve is opened and it is rolled up tightly to force the air out, whereupon the valve is closed to prevent re-inflation.[ citation needed ]

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Cascade Designs is an American company specializing in outdoor recreation products. It is located in Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada, and was founded in 1972 by two former Boeing engineers, who were avid backpackers. Their first product innovation was the self-inflating camping mattress, marketed as Therm-a-Rest. In 2015, Cascade Designs moved 1/5 of its workforce to Reno to take advantage of lower wages.

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