Grivel (company)

Last updated
Grivel Mont Blanc S.r.l
Founded1818;205 years ago (1818)
Headquarters Italy, Courmayeur
Key people
Gioachino Gobbi, President
ProductsClimbing Equipment
Climbing Gear
Increase2.svg€ 5 million
Number of employees
25 (2008)

Grivel Srl is a company that produces tools and equipment for alpinism, climbing, and outdoor activities. It exports to 26 countries. All the personal safety products, ice axes, crampons, pitons, helmets are produced in Italy. The company has been certified GS TUF since 1992, ISO 9001 since 1996, ISO 1400 since 2004. [1]



Notes and references

  1. information available on the official web site
  2. 2.Information available in the History section of the official site

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