Cool Boarders Pocket

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Cool Boarders Pocket
Cool Boarders Pocket.jpg
Developer(s) UEP Systems
Publisher(s) SNK Playmore
Series Cool Boarders
Platform(s) Neo Geo Pocket Color
  • JP: February 24, 2000
  • EU: 2000
Genre(s) Snowboarding
Mode(s) Single-player

Cool Boarders Pocket is a Snowboarding video game developed by UEP Systems and published by SNK Playmore for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.


Cool Boarders Pocket differs to other games in the Cool Boarders series. It features an isometric (overhead) view instead of a third-person perspective. The game features two play modes a free-ride mode where the player navigates an obstacle course with no restrictions until they reach the goal, and a survival mode where the player snowboards through the obstacle course until they run out of health. The game allows the player to choose one of two characters; a female or male snowboarder.

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<i>Cool Boarders: Code Alien</i> 2000 video game

Cool Boarders: Code Alien is a snowboarding video game developed and published by UEP Systems exclusively for the PlayStation 2 and is the only Cool Boarders title to be released exclusively in Japan.

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<i>Cool Boarders</i> Video game series

Cool Boarders is a series of snowboarding video games published by Sony Computer Entertainment.