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Craig Harris
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Craig Harris in 2007
Background information
Birth nameCraig S. Harris
Born (1953-09-10) September 10, 1953 (age 69)
Hempstead, New York, U.S. [1]
Genres Jazz
Instrument(s) Trombone, didgeridoo
Years active1976–present
Labels India Navigation, Soul Note, JMT

Craig S. Harris (born September 10, 1953) [1] is an American jazz trombonist, who started working with Sun Ra in 1976. [1] He also has worked with Abdullah Ibrahim, David Murray, Lester Bowie, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers, Muhal Richard Abrams, and Charlie Haden. [1] He has recorded since 1983 as leader for India Navigation, Soul Note and JMT. For the latter he recorded with two groups. The Tailgater's Tales was a quintet with clarinetist Don Byron, trumpeter Eddie Allen, Anthony Cox on double bass, and Pheeroan akLaff on drums. [1] His large ensemble Cold Sweat was a tribute to the music of James Brown. [1]


He is a graduate of the music program of State University of New York at Old Westbury, [1] and was influenced by its founder and director Makanda Ken McIntyre. Harris's move to New York City in 1978 established him with trombonists Ray Anderson, Joseph Bowie, and George E. Lewis. [2]

He first played alongside another of his teachers at SUNY, baritone saxophonist Pat Patrick, in Sun Ra's Arkestra for two years. [1] Harris than embarked on a world tour with South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) in 1981. [1] While on tour in Australia, Harris discovered the indigenous Australian wind instrument the didgeridoo, which he added to the collection of instruments he plays. [1]


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