DR P7 Mix

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DR P7 Mix
DR P7 Mix 2017 logo.png
Broadcast areaDenmark – Nationally via Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
Frequency DAB+: MUX2
Language(s) Danish
Format Multi-formatted
Owner DR
Operator DR
First air date
June 6, 2011;10 years ago (2011-06-06)
Last air date
2 January 2020; 3:00 local time

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Website www.dr.dk/p7mix

DR P7 Mix was one of DR's digital radio stations in Denmark. It launched on 6 June 2011 as the third of five new digital-only stations. [1] As of September 2019, it has been slated for closure. [2]



In November 2010, DR announced it would significantly lower the number of digital radio stations in its line-up from 23 to between 10-12. [3] The new line-up of digital stations were announced in January 2011. [4] In the new line-up, DR Hit and DR Soft were to be replaced by P7 Mix which unlike the former channels would have presenters. [5]

On 1 October 2017 P7 Mix became available on DAB+ radio when a nationwide switch-over took place. [6]



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