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Detlef Soost (born 2 July 1970), also using the name D! (formerly Dee!), most often called Detlef D! Soost, is a German television personality, dancer and choreographer who gained recognition as one of the jury members of the German talent show Popstars .


Early life

Soost was born East Berlin, East Germany, and grew up in an orphanage. His mother, who died very early, was a German, and his father came to East Germany from Ghana.

According to the biography on his homepage, Soost became streetdance champion of East Berlin when he was 15 years old, and champion of East Germany when he was 16, but some critics point out that, based on his date of birth given in the same biography, this appears very unrealistic, as streetdance was not accepted in East Germany and no "official" battles could be held in which Soost could have won a title. However, there is no doubt that Soost in this time was one of the most important people in (East) Berlin's streetdance scene.[ citation needed ]


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Soost in the early 2000s

In 2005, Soost published his autobiography Neger – Heimkind – Pionier ("Negro – Orphan – Pioneer"). In this book, among other things, he also writes about his ethnic background and the problems caused by it. Soost describes himself as "Schoki", a childish word for chocolate. In the years after the German reunification, he started a career as a professional choreographer and dance teacher. Later, he founded a network of dancing schools under the brand D!s Dance Club. He owns a "Coaching and Casting Center" in Berlin-Mitte. He also produces dance music and develops choreographies for the "D!s Dance Clubs" and other dancers under the brand D!Nation.


Soost has been the choreographer and head of jury in every season of the German version of Popstars , broadcast by ProSieben. He also presents a similar program called MusicStar on Swiss SF DRS. In 2005, he presented Super Illu TV on MDR. In 2005/06, Soost also worked for ProSieben, presenting Lebe Dein Leben! – Live-Coaching mit Detlef D! Soost, before the show got canceled due to TV ratings. On the German music television channel VIVA, Soost hosted, presented and led all four seasons (2005–2008) of the casting show DanceStar. [1]

Soost also took part in the ProSieben reality show Die Alm – Promischweiß und Edelweiß in 2004, a show in which several lesser known German celebrities had to live and work on an "alm" in the Alps, and the audience could vote for a winner. After the regular time of the show, Soost was close to winning, but had to leave the show when it was extended, because of other projects. In 2007, he won the German version of the Gameshow Marathon on ProSieben.

Personal life

Soost and his wife Kate Hall in 2010 Kate Hall - Detlef D! Soost.JPG
Soost and his wife Kate Hall in 2010

Soost has two children from an earlier relationship; daughter Chani, who was born in April 2006, and son Carlos, born in July 2007. Since 2009, he has been married to British singer Kate Hall. [2]

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Popstars – On Stage: On 14 June 2007, ProSieben started the sixth installment of the series, targeting to find the "Germany's hottest live act". This time not only male and female singers were cast but also dancers who should be part of the band. Dancers and singers were sent to Füssen and took part in workshops to improve their dancing and singing skills. Four weeks passed before the producers decided to audition additional contestants in the Netherlands. All the singers went to Prague, Czech Republic, while the dancers travelled to Brussels, Belgium for another so-called "Entscheidungsshow". In October, singers and dancers reunited in a big mansion in Berlin. All contestants recorded the song "Never Give Up" that managed to reach #30 on the German singles chart. The album All Stars that combined songs of all previous shows reached number 78 on the German albums chart.

Popstars – Neue Engel braucht das Land was a new installment of the Popstars themed Neue Engel braucht das Land which started airing on 10 August 2006. The title of the show was a play on the status of the show's original winners No Angels, a group whose members had disbanded in 2003, with the declared goal of the show's season being to find their successors.

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In September 2001, the German version of Popstars returned with a second season, this time searching for a mixed-gender musical R&B group. More than 11,000 hopeful singers attended open television auditions in Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Munich, conducted by choreographer Detlef "D!" Soost, producer Alex Christensen, and singer and radio host Noah Sow. Over the course of several recalls and re-recalls the three judges and vocal coach Artemis Gounaki reduced the contestants to a group of 32 who immediately travelled to Ibiza, Spain to get trained in singing, dancing, and fitness. In the end three females and five males remained who again moved into a loft in Munich to start working on their performance and publicity skills.

In fall 2000, German television network RTL2 started with the production of a German adaption of Popstars. Over the course of three months more than 4,500 hopeful female singers attended open television auditions in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Oberhausen, Stuttgart and Munich. Judged by Dutch entertainer Simone Angel, booker Mario M. Mendryzcki and Rainer Moslener, a director of A&R, thirty-two out of two hundred pre-selected girls eventually made it from the local recall shows to Majorca, Spain, to get trained in singing, dancing, and fitness. While the judges continued eliminating two or three girls each day with the help of choreographer Detlef "D!" Soost, eleven finalists remained and were sent home to prepare. In November 2000, Angel and Moslener visited each of the contestants at home to reveal whether or not they had been selected for the band. In the end five girls made it into the band: Nadja Benaissa, Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, Vanessa Petruo and Jessica Wahls. With the final members of the group in place, Popstars continued tracking the development and struggles of the new band.

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