Dogwood (band)

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Origin Escondido, California
Genres Pop punk, punk rock, skate punk, Christian punk, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore
Years active1993–present
Labels Tooth & Nail, Rescue, Facedown
Website Dogwood on MySpace
MembersJosh Kemble
Jason Harper
Sean O'Donnell
Russell Castillo
Past membersShawn Beaty
Jayce Molina
Billy Nichols
Bill Driscol
Scott Bergan
Corbin King
Josh Hagquist
Dan Ardis
Andrew Montoya
Joe Sidoti
Rob Hahn
Danny Montoya

Dogwood is a punk rock band from Escondido, California founded in 1993. Their music has been compared to that of The Offspring, and they list Bad Religion, NOFX and Lagwagon as musical influences.



In 1993, Josh Kemble united with Jayce Molina on guitar, Josh Hagquist (of The Beautiful Mistake) on bass, and Billy Nichols on drums to form the band Half-Off. After a few shows, the band decided to find a better name, and a relative suggested "Dogwood" in reference to the legend of the dogwood cross.[ citation needed ]

By 1996, Dogwood had been signed by the now-defunct Rescue Records label, which was also the home for such bands as P.O.D., No Innocent Victim, and Point Of Recognition. While on Rescue, Dogwood released two studio records, Good Ol' Daze and Through Thick & Thin . Dogwood andRescue Records parted ways, and then in 1998 the band self-released an eponymous album. This was later re-released without the track "Never Die" as This is Not a New Album on Facedown Records.

The band caught the eye of Tooth & Nail Records. In 1999, More Than Conquerors was released, followed by Building a Better Me in 2000, Matt Aragon in 2001, and Seismic in 2003. In 2004, Tooth & Nail released a Dogwood greatest hits album titled Reverse, Then Forward Again .

According to their MySpace page, they are currently signed to Roadside Records.

Their recent show was on October 2011 and the band went inactive. In a interview, vocalist Josh Kemble told that band never called it quits. He stated, "I think we just never really did an official farewell tour or breakup and we also haven't played in a really long time. Some people said it's over but we never actually declared that. It's kind of an unspoken, rode off into the sunset type of thing. There's that mystery of reunion or another show,". [1]

On November 29, 2016, the band announced their reunion and played shows with MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy on January 13–14, 2017 in Ventura and San Diego, CA. This marked their first show since October 2011 and it featured the lineup of Kemble, O'Donnell, Harper, and Castillo. [2] On December 19, 2017, the band teased a new song "Titles", which will be part of Indie Vision Music's "Family and Friends Sampler" on December 24. [3]


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Source: San Diego Music Awards Past Winners


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Dogwood (band)

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