English Fell Running Championships

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The first English Fell Running Championships were held in the 1986 season, based on results in various fell races of different lengths over the year. [1]

The winners have been as follows. [2]

1986Dave Cartridge Carol Haigh
1987Bob WhitfieldVanessa Brindle
1988Shaun LiveseyClare Crofts
1989Gary DevineClare Crofts
1990Shaun LiveseyCheryl Cook
1991 Gavin Bland Cheryl Cook
1992Brian ThompsonJacky Smith
1993 Mark Croasdale Carol Greenwood
1994 Mark Kinch Andrea Priestley
1995Mark Kinch Sarah Rowell
1996 Ian Holmes Sarah Rowell
1997Mark RobertsMari Todd
1998Ian Holmes Angela Brand-Barker
1999Gavin BlandJanet King
2000Ian HolmesSally Newman
2001Cancelled due to foot-and-mouth outbreak
2002Ian HolmesAndrea Priestley
2003Ian HolmesLouise Sharp
2004 Simon Bailey Louise Sharp
2005Simon Bailey and Rob Hope Sally Newman
2006 Rob Jebb Natalie White
2007Simon BaileyJanet McIver
2008Rob JebbNatalie White
2009Simon Bailey Philippa Jackson
2010Rob Hope Lauren Jeska *

Olivia Walwyn

2011Lloyd TaggartLauren Jeska*

Helen Fines

2012Simon BaileyLauren Jeska*

Holly Page

2013Simon Bailey Victoria Wilkinson and Helen Fines
2014Tom AddisonVictoria Wilkinson
2015Simon BaileyVictoria Wilkinson
2016Simon BaileyVictoria Wilkinson
2017Sam ToshVictoria Wilkinson
2018Carl BellKelli Roberts
2019 [3] Carl BellKelli Roberts
2020Cancelled due to Covid-19
2021 [4] Billy CartwrightHannah Horsburgh

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The first British Fell Running Championships, then known as Fell Runner of the Year, were held in 1972 and the scoring was based on results in all fell races. In 1976 this was changed to the runner's best ten category A races and further changes took place to the format in later years. Starting with the 1986 season, an English Fell Running Championships series has also taken place, based on results in various races of different lengths over the year.

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