Father Came Too!

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Father Came Too!
Father Came Too!.jpg
Directed by Peter Graham Scott
Produced by Leslie Parkyn
Julian Wintle
Written by Jack Davies
Henry Blyth
Starring James Robertson Justice
Leslie Phillips
Stanley Baxter
Sally Smith
Ronnie Barker
Music by Norrie Paramor
Cinematography Reginald Wyer
Edited by Tom Priestley
Distributed by J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors
Release date
  • 11 February 1964 (1964-02-11)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Father Came Too! is a 1964 British comedy film directed by Peter Graham Scott and starring James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips and Stanley Baxter. [1] It is a loose sequel to The Fast Lady . [2]


It was produced by the Independent Artists company for distribution by Rank. It was shot at Beaconsfield Studios with sets designed by the art director Harry Pottle. The village of Turville in Buckinghamshire was used for filming the pageant scenes. The film's dresses were designed by Julie Harris.


Dexter (Stanley Baxter) and Juliet (Sally Smith) Munro are a young newly-married couple who move to a run-down country cottage in hopes of escaping from Juliet's overbearing father, Sir Beverly Grant (James Robertson Justice). However, the couple is soon confronted by their new home's battered structure. Juliet's father offers help from a reputable building firm, but this help is refused by Dexter, who wants to remain independent of Juliet's father.

Dexter sees an ad in the local paper and employs Josh (Ronnie Barker) to do the work. The house is finished, although well over budget, but eventually burns down because Juliet's father had changed the fuses from 15 amp to 30 amp, causing the fire. Roddy, their estate agent (and aspiring actor) (Leslie Phillips) saves the day, telling Dexter and Juliet that a motorway is soon to be built on their land, so they can sell at a profit, and gives them the keys to a cottage requiring no work in the adjoining field.


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