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Georgettan's Pooram
Georgettan's Pooram.jpg
Directed byK. Biju
Screenplay by Y. V. Rajesh
Story byK Biju
Produced byArun Gosh
Bijoy Chandran
Shivanee Suraj
Starring Dileep
Rajisha Vijayan
Chemban Vinod Jose
Renji Panicker
Vinay Forrt
Narrated by Innocent
CinematographyVinod Illampally
Edited byLijo Paul
Music by Gopi Sundar
Chand V Creations
Shivanee Entertainment
Distributed byChand V Creations
Release date
  • 1 April 2017 (2017-04-01)
Language Malayalam

Georgettan's Pooram (Georgettan's Festival) is a 2017 Indian Malayalam action comedy film directed by K. Biju, starring Dileep in lead role. With Rajisha Vijayan,Chemban Vinod Jose ,Vinay Forrt, Renji Panicker And Sharafudheen in lead Roles.The screenplay is written by Y. V. Rajesh based on a story by Biju. It is produced by Arun Gosh and Bijoy Chandran under the banner of Shivani Entertainments and Chand V Creations. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]



P. V. Mathayyi was a participant in the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing. After India beat Bangladesh, P.V Mathayyi rose to prominence as one of the first Malayalis, from the district of Thrissur to win a gold medal at the Asian Games. When the Games ended, Mathayyi was welcomed back wholeheartedly by the rest of the people in his area. He gifted the youth of the place a ground and a sports club, which the people named Mathayyiparambu. However, the happiness was short-lived, after Mathayyi was killed in a road accident. The people built a statue in his honour in Mathayyiparambu, but soon afterwards, the people forgot the ground's initial use as a sports ground, and the place became a place for the youth to loiter around and play football.

Vava, Thankan and Pallan are three boys who loiter around on Mathayyiparambu. Their parents are annoyed and Vava's father (Sunil Sukhada) tells Fr. Mathews Vadakkan (Renji Panicker), a local Mar Thoma priest to set them on the right path and he grants his son George this responsibility. After class one day, the three boys find George peeping through the bathroom, and catch him doing this. After this incident, they say that George is their leader and is one of them.

Years later, George (Dileep), Vava (Vinay Forrt), Pallan (Sharaf U Dheen) and Thankan (Thiru Aftab) are still loitering around the ground doing nothing. They have a small gathering on top of a small tower in Mathayyiparambu, where Joseph (T.G Ravi), a local beggar who takes only Rs. 10 from the poor box near Jesus' statue and from Georgettan, welcomes them like his own children. Fr. Vadakkan is disappointed in his son George and wants him to become a bishop. George tries to impress his father by doing various things in the community, but each activity ends in disaster.

Later, two people come and ask for the gang's permission of starting a driving school in Mathayyiparambu. Although at first reluctant, they agree immediately when the two explain that it is a ladies' driving school. However, they are disappointed when they see old women in the school. Then they hear the sad news of the death of a local MLA and a funeral is held by his son Simon (Sudheer Karamana). There, George meets Merlin (Rajisha Vijayan), a singer, and instantly falls in love. He is disappointed at the fact that he doesn't know anything about her, not even her name (he didn't find this out). Him and his friends decide to go to their house the next day to find out anything about her, but this ends in disaster.

The next day, Vava explains that he has a proposal. George and his friends decide to go with him, but he drops off his brother Jose (Jeevan Gopal) at the local convent school, as their father now wants Jose to become a bishop, much to George's delight. There George plays a game of carroms against Kichu (Ganapathi), places a bet of Rs. 2000 but loses the bet. After, he goes with Vava to the marriage proposal and George takes Rs. 2000 from the girl's dad and gives it to Kichu, angering the dad. He cancels the proposal between the two.

George goes and decides to stop the driving school at Mathayyiparambu, as he is disappointed at the fact that there are only old women coming. Right afterwards Merlin comes, and George decides to let the driving school carry on. The driving school teacher tells George that she is going to become a nun which her mother insisted, as she said that she doesn't have the three qualities a girl needs to have: desire, wish and love. George finds her desiring for and eating a nellikka, and tells her that he has proven she has one of the three qualities. George, after joining a class at the convent school, is saved by Merlin after a priest asks him questions. George understands this and tells her that he has proven the second of the three qualities, as she saved him in front of the priest.

As they leave the convent school, the gang meet a bunch of youths smoking weed outside. George gets angry over this and starts a fight. As George beats up the last person, his father Fr. Vadakkan slaps him, as Fr. Vadakkan is disappointed even more in him. He goes to Mathayyiparambu, but unexpectedly, his mother Mercykutty (Kalaranjini) comes to visit him. She suggests to George that he should never enter the house.

The next day, the locals gather to find some construction on Mathayyiparambu. George and his gang go and find Peter Mathayyi (Chemban Vinod Jose), who explains that he is the son of P.V Mathayyi and that Mathayiparambu is his. They go to Fr. Vadakkan's church and fight the case out there with the priest, where Peter seems to be favored. In retaliation, George and his gang decide to set up a stray dog conservation scheme on Mathayyiparambu, which ends in disaster, ruining George's name in the land. Peter then meets George and attempts to gain George's trust by saying that he is ready to give Mathayyiparambu away and leave it to waste. George is saddened and says that he is ready to accept any of Peter's demands. Peter suggests that they start a kabaddi team, which George accepts. They train and play against a team and won. Then they find josephettan dead in ground. And a group of Christians are telling that josephettan is not Cristian so he can't be buried in the church. This make George angry and he decide to bury josephettan in the ground (Mathaayiparambu).


Box office

Tottal box office collection 25cr

The film collected $114,287 from UAE box office in its two weekends and $6,797 from UK box office.<ref>{{cite web|url='s Pooram|publisher=[

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