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Gillian "Gil" Adamson (born 1 January 1961) is a Canadian writer. She won the Books in Canada First Novel Award in 2008 for her 2007 novel The Outlander.


Adamson's first published work was Primitive, a volume of poetry, in 1991. She followed up with the short story collection Help Me, Jacques Cousteau in 1995 and a second volume of poetry, Ashland, in 2003, as well as multiple chapbooks and a commissioned fan biography of Gillian Anderson, Mulder, It's Me, which she coauthored with her sister-in-law Dawn Connolly in 1998. [1] A selection of Adamson's poetry also appeared in the anthology Surreal Estate: 13 Canadian Poets Under the Influence (The Mercury Press, 2004). The Outlander, a novel set in the Canadian West at the turn of the 20th century, was published by House of Anansi in the spring of 2007 and won the Hammett Prize that year. The novel was later selected for the 2009 edition of Canada Reads , where it was championed by actor Nicholas Campbell.

Adamson currently lives in Toronto with poet Kevin Connolly. [2]

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