Group Sex/Wild in the Streets

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Group Sex/Wild in the Streets
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Compilation album by
RecordedTracks 1-14: 1980 at Byrdcliffe Studios, Culver City, California
Tracks 15-29: 1981-1982 at A & M Studio D, Hollywood, California
Genre Hardcore punk
Label Frontier
Producer Circle Jerks/Cary Markoff, David Anderly/Gary Hirstius
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Group Sex/Wild in the Streets
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Group Sex/Wild in the Streets is a compilation album by American hardcore punk band Circle Jerks, released in 1988 by Frontier Records. [1] It is a CD re-release of the band's first two albums, Group Sex (1980) and Wild in the Streets (1982), containing all of the tracks from both releases.


Track listing

  1. "Deny Everything" (0:27)
  2. "I Just Want Some Skank" (1:09)
  3. "Beverly Hills" (1:06)
  4. "Operation" (1:30)
  5. "Back Against the Wall" (1:35)
  6. "Wasted" (0:43)
  7. "Behind the Door" (1:25)
  8. "World Up My Ass" (1:17)
  9. "Paid Vacation" (1:28)
  10. "Don't Care" (0:35)
  11. "Live Fast Die Young" (1:33)
  12. "What's Your Problem" (0:57)
  13. "Group Sex" (1:03)
  14. "Red Tape" (0:56)
  15. "Wild in the Streets" (2:33)
  16. "Leave Me Alone" (1:18)
  17. "Stars and Stripes" (1:39)
  18. "86'd (Good as Gone)" (1:54)
  19. "Meet the Press" (1:19)
  20. "Trapped" (1:39)
  21. "Murder the Disturbed" (2:01)
  22. "Letter Bomb" (1:13)
  23. "Question Authority" (2:00)
  24. "Defamation Innuendo" (2:21)
  25. "Moral Majority" (0:54)
  26. "Forced Labor" (1:16)
  27. "Political Stu" (1:36)
  28. "Just Like Me" (1:46)
  29. "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" (2:12)

Release and reception

In an AllMusic review, Sean Westergaard says "In 1993, Frontier combined the first two albums from the Circle Jerks onto a single cassette and a double-LP set. Group Sex (1980) is their finest album, and together with Wild in the Streets (1982), is an excellent way to check out the beginnings of this important early-'80s SoCal hardcore band.". [2]

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