Jim Black

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Jim Black
Jim Black 2007 Alary.jpg
Black performing in 2007
Background information
BornSeattle, Washington
Genres Jazz
Labels Winter & Winter
Website jimblack.com
Jim Black performing in Aarhus, Denmark Jim-black01.jpg
Jim Black performing in Aarhus, Denmark
Jim Black in Denmark 2018 Jim-black DSC01461.jpg
Jim Black in Denmark 2018

Jim Black is an American jazz drummer who has performed with Tim Berne and Dave Douglas. He attended Berklee College of Music.



His band AlasNoAxis includes Hilmar Jensson on electric guitar, Chris Speed on tenor saxophone and clarinet, and Skúli Sverrisson on bass guitar. The music is in some ways closer to post-rock than jazz, concentrating on rhythmic shifts and ensemble texture rather than featured solos. Since 2000 Winter & Winter has released several of the band's albums.

Pachora includes Black, Speed, Sverrisson, and Brad Shepik on tambura and electric saz. This band plays music that is rhythmically diverse and inspired by Balkan rhythms.

Black participated as drummer 12 in the Boredoms 77 Boadrum performance on July 7, 2007 at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn, New York.

He is also one-third of the group BBC (Berne/Black/Cline) with alto saxophonist Berne and Nels Cline of Wilco. The group released the album The Veil in 2011. [1]


As leader

With AlasNoAxis

With the Jim Black Trio

  • Somatic (Winter & Winter, 2011)
  • Actuality (Winter & Winter, 2014)
  • The Constant (Intakt, 2016)
  • Reckon (Intakt, 2020)

With Jim & The Schrimps

  • Ain't No Saint (Intakt, 2023)

As co-leader

With Human Feel

With BB&C

As sideman

With Tim Berne

With Carlos Bica

With Uri Caine

With Dave Douglas

With Ellery Eskelin

With Chris Speed

With Pachora

With Endangered Blood

With Peter Evans

With Satoko Fujii

With Hilmar Jensson

With David Liebman

With Ben Monder

With others

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