John Davey (actor)

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John Davey
Born (1939-06-25) June 25, 1939 (age 83)
Years active1965–1987
ChildrenThomas Davey

John Davey (born June 25, 1939) is a retired American actor. [1] He is best known for portraying Captain Marvel on the Shazam! television series in the mid-1970s after Jackson Bostwick was dismissed in the early part of the second season. [2]


Early life, family and education

Davey was raised in Winnemucca, Nevada, [3] the only city in Humboldt County, Nevada. He graduated from Humboldt County High School in 1957. [3]


Davey was in the US Marine Corps from September 3, 1957, to October 1961. [3] He was also a heavyweight boxer, including work as a sparring partner for Joe Frazier. [1]

Davey performed in numerous television series, including Perry Mason , The Rockford Files , and Max Headroom . Like many Hollywood actors, he would appear in minor roles as different characters in specific episodes of the same series; he appeared in The Rockford Files in six episodes over three years this way, and in four episodes of Barnaby Jones this way. [4] He acted in many TV movies.

Davey's most prominent performances were in his leading role as the superhero character Captain Marvel on the television series Shazam! . [2] The show was created and broadcast during the Saturday morning timeslot, which was typically for children's programming. Davey was the second actor to play the role on the series. [5] (The original actor for the role, Jackson Bostwick, was fired by the show's producers who believed Bostwick did not appear for filming as an attempt to increase his salary, [2] although Bostwick explained he was receiving medical treatment for injuries which occurred while performing stunts during filming of Shazam. [6] Bostwick successfully litigated against Filmation Associates, which was forced to pay him for the remainder of his contract, plus residuals, including the entire second season.) Davey has recalled that the producers were hastily seeking to replace Bostwick. [1] As Captain Marvel, Davey appeared in three episodes of Isis , a companion TV series. [4]

Personal life

Davey has a son, Tomasso Gambino (born on May 23, 1967), a grandson Kian Seiter and granddaughter Kylee Rice. [3]

Screen roles

John Davey filmography
1965 Perry Mason Football PlayerEpisode: "The Case of the 12th Wildcat" (uncredited)
1970 There Was a Crooked Man... Riot GuardUncredited
1971 Night Gallery McWhirterEpisode: "Death in the Family/The Merciful/Class of '99/Witches' Feast" (segment "Class of '99")
1971–1972 Ironside Second Trainer / MPEpisodes: "The Savage Sentry", "Good Samaritan"
1971–1972 The F.B.I. Truck DriverEpisode: "The Outcast", "Bitter Harbor"
1972 Mod Squad Matty RyunEpisode: "Sanctuary"
1972 Room 222 Tom HalsteadEpisode: "Mr. Wrong"
1972 They Only Kill Their Masters Head RemovalistUncredited
1973 Beg, Borrow, or Steal GuardTV movie
1973 The Odd Couple AndreasEpisode: "The Odyssey Couple"
1973–1974 The Rookies Roy / JenksEpisodes: "The Old Neighborhood", "Life Robbery"
1975 Cannon Danny Fairchild / Lieutenant WaleyEpisodes: "The Iceman", "Perfect Fit for a Frame"
1975 S.W.A.T. NovakEpisode: "Omega One (1975)
1975Sky HeistDeputy FreedmanTV movie
1975–1976 Isis Captain MarvelEpisodes: "Now You See It...", "...And Now You Don't", "Funny Gal"
1975–1976 Shazam! Captain Marvel11 episodes
1976 Black Sheep Squadron Third MarineEpisode: "New Georgia on My Mind (1976)
1977 3 Women Dr. Norton
1977 The Late Show Sergeant Dayton
1977–1980 Barnaby Jones Officer Portland / Harry Towler / Tank Bronson / etc.5 episodes
1977–1980 The Rockford Files Mechanic / Rudy / Cowboy / etc.6 episodes
1978 The Comedy Company CopTV movie
1979 Goldie and the Boxer MurphyTV movie
1979 Institute for Revenge I.F.R. MemberTV movie
1981 CHiPs Communications SergeantEpisode: "11–99: Officer Needs Help" (1981)
1982 Marian Rose White MaxieTV movie
1983 Deal of the Century Pilot on Screen
1983 Remington Steele 'Blazin' Billy FlynnEpisode: "Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws" (1983)
1984 Whiz Kids DriverEpisode: "Father's Day" (1984)
1985 J.O.E. and the Colonel WilsonTV movie
1985 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Episode: "Vigilante Mothers" (1985)
1985 The Boys Next Door Watkins
1985 The Twilight Zone OfficerEpisode: "Healer/Children's Zoo/Kentucky Rye" (segment "Kentucky Rye")
1986 A Fine Mess Detective Horn
1987 MacGyver State TrooperEpisode: "Phoenix Under Siege" (1987)
1987 Max Headroom Episode: "Blipverts" (1987)

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