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Judy Minx
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Minx in December 2011
Born (1989-01-04) 4 January 1989 (age 32)
Nationality French
Website http://imsoexcited.canalblog.com

Judy Minx (born around 1989) is a French pornographic actress. She identifies as a sex worker, queer and as a feminist activist. [1]



Judy Minx was born in Paris and is Tunisian and Algerian descent. [2] She joined a feminist organization in 2005 when she was in high school. Right after she turned 18, in 2007, she became a porn actress in "mainstream straight porn". [3] She also started getting involved with queer and feminist porn movements. Along with her porn career, she continued her studies, and she holds a degree in English. Judy Minx is an activist for sex worker rights, and she is close to the French sex worker's trade union (STRASS). [4] She has also given sex education workshops. [2] [5]

In 2009, she appeared in the documentary film Les travailleu(r)ses du sexe , directed by Jean-Michel Carré. [6] In 2010, she starred the drama film The Final Girl by Todd Verow, which was defined as "a lesbian variation of Roman Polanski's The Tenant ". [7] In 2011, she was one of the protagonists of Too Much Pussy! , a docudrama film directed by Emilie Jouvet that followed the journey through Europe (from Berlin to Malmö) of a group of six entertainers, all members the Sex-positive movement. [8] [9] [10] That same year, she starred in a segment of Fucking Different XXX, a German independent film consisting of eight episodes, each shot by a different director and set in a different city, that have gay/lesbian love as a main theme. [11] In 2011, she appeared in the music video for the Ladytron song "White Elephant". In 2012, she appeared in the independent comedy film Mommy Is Coming, directed by Cheryl Dunye. [12] In 2013 she appeared on the Dutch documentary "Een man weet niet wat hij mist", where she has sex with a gold-star gay man on film in order to help him lose his heterosexual virginity. [13]

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