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Kaikorai Valley College
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Kaikorai Valley College
500 Kaikorai Valley Rd,
Kaikorai Valley,
New Zealand
Coordinates 45°52′55″S170°28′01″E / 45.88206°S 170.466995°E / -45.88206; 170.466995
TypeState, Co-educational, Secondary
Motto Latin: Quaerite Et Invenietis
(Seek and ye shall find)
Ministry of Education Institution no. 381
PrincipalRick Geerlofs
School roll439 [1] (April 2023)
Socio-economic decile5M [2]
Website www.kvcollege.co.nz

Kaikorai Valley College is a large co-educational secondary school in Dunedin, New Zealand. Initially starting as Kaikorai Valley High School in 1958, the school combined with Kenmure Intermediate School in 1996 to become Kaikorai Valley College,. [3] It celebrated its 50th jubilee in 2008.


The college has approximately 65 international students, and has sister school relationships with Sakuragaoka High School, Kun-ei Girls High School and Myojo Gakuen in Japan; Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College in Hong Kong; and Harbin Number 13 Middle School in China. [3]

Facilities include its own theatre and dance studio. The college had continual improvements to facilities with new computer suites, well equipped science laboratories, a new full sized gymnasium and open plan design and technology areas. Furthermore, the brand new administration block was opened by John Key in 2012. [4] The school also has a disabled and special needs unit.

The school has its own radio show on Otago Access Radio. [5]

Kaikorai Valley College students study the stream flow. Year 10 Kaikorai Valley College students measuring the cross sectional area of a transect across the stream to determine, with velocity data, the flow rate..JPG
Kaikorai Valley College students study the stream flow.
Measuring equipment used to study hydrology Set up of measuring equipment.jpg
Measuring equipment used to study hydrology

Pupils of Kaikorai Valley College use the adjacent Kaikorai Stream for outdoor education, studying water quality and flow, learning fly fishing and monitoring waste water. [6]

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