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Otago is a region in the South Island of New Zealand. It contains numerous rural primary schools, several small town primary and secondary schools, and some big city schools in Dunedin. In New Zealand schools, students begin formal education in Year 1 at the age of five. [1] Year 13 is the final year of secondary education. Years 14 and 15 refer to adult education facilities. State schools are those fully funded by the government and at which no fees for tuition of domestic students (i.e. New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, and Australian citizens) can be charged, although a donation is commonly requested. [2] A state integrated school is a former private school with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief that has been integrated into the state system. State integrated schools charge "attendance dues" to cover the building and maintenance of school buildings, which are not owned by the government, but otherwise they like state schools cannot charge fees for tuition of domestic students but may request a donation. As Dunedin was founded by Presbyterian Scottish settlers there are a Presbyterian girls' and boys' school in the city. Private schools charge fees to its students for tuition, as do state and state integrated schools for tuition of international students. [3] Unlike other major cities in New Zealand, Dunedin does not have any private intermediate or high schools. All remaining private intermediate and high schools have been integrated into the state system.


The socioeconomic decile indicates the socioeconomic status of the school's 'zone' (or catchment) area. A decile of 1 indicates the school draws from a poor area; a decile of 10 indicates the school draws from a well-off area. [4] The decile ratings used here come from the Ministry of Education Te Kete Ipurangi website and from the decile change spreadsheet listed in the references. The deciles were last revised using information from the 2006 Census. [5] The roll of each school changes frequently as students start school for the first time, move between schools, and graduate. The rolls given here are those provided by the Ministry of Education are based on figures from March 2020. [6] The Ministry of Education institution number links to the Education Counts page for each school.

Waitaki District

Ardgowan School 3704 1–8Coed Oamaru State6135
Duntroon School 3732 1–8Coed Duntroon State582
East Otago High School 371 7–13Coed Palmerston State5169
Fenwick School 3707 1–6Coed Oamaru State6302
Five Forks School 3738 1–8CoedKakanui ValleyState1034
Flagswamp School 3739 1–6Coed Waikouaiti State7-
Hampden School 3746 1–8Coed Hampden State542-
Kakanui School 3755 1–8Coed Kakanui State444
Macraes Moonlight School 3764 1–8Coed Macraes Flat State719
Maheno School 3765 1–8Coed Maheno State547
Oamaru Intermediate 3784 7–8Coed Oamaru State5323
Oamaru North School 3785 1–6Coed Oamaru State464
Omarama School 3789 1–8Coed Omarama State646-
Palmerston School 3797 1–6Coed Palmerston State6102
Papakaio School 3798 1–8CoedPapakaioState8119
Pembroke School 3737 1–6Coed Oamaru State3244
St Joseph's School 3825 1–8Coed Oamaru State integrated6144 Catholic
St Kevin's College 369 9–13Coed Oamaru State integrated7435 Catholic, Boarding
Totara School 3847 1–8CoedAlmaState655
Waitaki Boys' High School 365 9–13Boys Oamaru State6388 Boarding
Waitaki Girls' High School 366 9–13Girls Oamaru State6417 Boarding
Waitaki Valley School 363 1–8Coed Kurow State10113-
Weston School 3864 1–8Coed Weston State7240

Former schools

Otepopo School in Herbert closed in September 2010 after 146 years of operation. [7]

Central Otago District

Alexandra School 1–8Coed Alexandra State8201 3701
Clyde School 1–8Coed Clyde State9147 3725
Cromwell College 7–15Coed Cromwell State8520 373
Cromwell Primary School 1–6Coed Cromwell State8336 3729
Dunstan High School 9–13Coed Alexandra State9591 372
Goldfields School 1–6Coed Cromwell State7270 3741
Maniototo Area School 1–13Coed Ranfurly State7153 370
Millers Flat School 1–8Coed Millers Flat State736 3771
Omakau School 1–8Coed Omakau State867 3788
Poolburn School 1–8Coed Oturehua State1029 3802
Roxburgh Area School 1–13Coed Roxburgh State4165 375
St Gerard's School 1–8Coed Alexandra State integrated9135- 3823
St John's School 1–8Coed Ranfurly State integrated750- 3824
Tarras School 1–8Coed Tarras State1010 3843
The Terrace School 1–8Coed Alexandra State8369 3844

Queenstown-Lakes District

Arrowtown School 1–8 Arrowtown State495- 3930
Glenorchy School 1–8 Glenorchy State31- 3955
Hawea Flat School 1–6 Hāwea State235 3747
Holy Family School 1–8 Wanaka State integrated203 557 Catholic
KingsView School 1–8 Frankton State integrated72 633
Makarora Primary School 1–8 Makarora State6 3767
Mount Aspiring College 7–13 Wanaka State1157 533
Queenstown Primary School 1–8 Queenstown State622 4005
Remarkables Primary School 1–8 Frankton State542 6783
Shotover Primary School 1–8 Shotover Country State494 586
St Joseph's School 1–8 Queenstown State integrated131 4016 Catholic
Te Kura o Take Kārara 1–6 Wanaka State90 747 Opened January 2020 [8]
Wakatipu High School 9–13 Frankton State1068 374
Wanaka Primary School 1–6 Wanaka State566 1167

Dunedin City

Primary and intermediate schools

Abbotsford School 3700 1–8 Green Island State282
Amana Christian School 1641 1–8 Mosgiel Private24
Andersons Bay School 3703 1–6 Andersons Bay State289
Arthur Street School 3706 1–8 City Rise State201
Balaclava School 3709 1–6 Balaclava State245
Balmacewen Intermediate 3711 7–8 Wakari State510
Bathgate Park School 647 1–8 South Dunedin State175
Big Rock Primary School 607 1–8 Brighton State98
Bradford School 3716 1–6 Bradford State105-
Broad Bay School 3718 1–8 Broad Bay State26
Brockville School 3719 1–8 Brockville State150-
Carisbrook School 648 1–8 Caversham State318
Concord School 3727 1–6 Concord State79
Dunedin North Intermediate 3731 7–8 Dunedin North State273
Dunedin Rudolf Steiner School 1192 1–8 Maia State integrated63
East Taieri School 3733 1–6 Mosgiel State306
Elmgrove School 3778 1–6 Mosgiel State288
Fairfield School 3736 1–8 Fairfield State430
George Street Normal School 3740 1–6 Dunedin North State447
Grants Braes School 3742 1–6 Waverley State238
Green Island School 3743 1–8 Green Island State168
Halfway Bush School 3745 1–6 Halfway Bush State33
Kaikorai Primary 3753 1–6 Roslyn State309
Karitane School 3756 1–6 Karitane State21
Lee Stream School 3761 1–8Lee StreamState32
Liberton Christian School 4117 1–8 Pine Hill State integrated100
Macandrew Bay School 3762 1–6 Macandrew Bay State157
Maori Hill School 3768 1–6 Maori Hill State239
Mornington School 3776 1–6 Mornington State268-
Musselburgh School 3779 1–6 Musselburgh State159
North East Valley Normal School 3783 1–6 North East Valley State242
Opoho School 3790 1–6 Opoho State173
Outram School 3795 1–8 Outram State157
Pine Hill School 3801 1–6 Pine Hill State40
Port Chalmers School 3803 1–8 Port Chalmers State110
Portobello School 3805 1–8 Portobello State45
Purakanui School 3807 1–8 Port Chalmers State11
Ravensbourne School 3808 1–6 Ravensbourne State19
Sacred Heart School 3815 1–6 North East Valley State integrated39
Sawyers Bay School 3817 1–6 Sawyers Bay State123
Silverstream (South) Primary School 1657 1–6 Mosgiel State259
St Bernadette's School 3819 1–6 Forbury State integrated165
St Brigid's School 3820 1–6 Tainui State integrated71
St Clair School 3835 1–6 Saint Clair State416
St Francis Xavier School 3822 1–6 Mornington State integrated110
St Joseph's Cathedral School 3827 1–6 City Rise State integrated148
St Joseph's School, Port Chalmers 3828 1–8 Port Chalmers State integrated13-
St Leonard's School 3829 1–6 Saint Leonards State integrated32
St Mary's School (Dunedin) 3830 1–6 Wakari State integrated36
St Mary's School (Mosgiel) 3832 1–8 Mosgiel State integrated128-
St Peter Chanel School 3834 1–8 Green Island State integrated59
Strath Taieri School 3837 1–8 Strath Taieri State51-
Tahuna Normal Intermediate School 3839 7–8 Musselburgh State609
Tainui School 3841 1–6 Tainui State290
TKKM o Otepoti 2351 1–8 Fairfield State40
Waikouaiti School 3852 1–6 Waikouaiti State103
Waitati School 3857 1–8 Waitati State86
Wakari School 3859 1–6 Wakari State293
Warrington School 3862 1–8 Warrington State51

Secondary and composite schools

Bayfield High School 382 9–13Coed Musselburgh State1961577
Columba College 386 1–13Coed/Girls Roslyn State integrated1915618 Presbyterian, boarding. Coeducational years 1–6, girls only years 7–13.
John McGlashan College 387 7–13Boys Maori Hill State integrated1918546 Presbyterian, boarding
Kaikorai Valley College 381 7–13Coed Kaikorai State1958513
Kavanagh College 536 7–13Coed City Rise State integrated1989689 Catholic
King's High School 383 9–13Boys South Dunedin State1936979
Logan Park High School 376 9–13Coed Dunedin North State1975764
Otago Boys' High School 377 9–13Boys Dunedin State1863811 Boarding
Otago Girls' High School 378 9–13Girls Dunedin State1871811
Queen's High School 384 9–13Girls South Dunedin State1955374
Sara Cohen School 3816 Coed Caversham State192647 Special needs
St Hilda's Collegiate School 380 7–13Girls Dunedin State integrated1896477 Anglican, boarding
Taieri College 495 7–13Coed Mosgiel State20041172

Former schools

Clutha District

Balclutha School 1–8Coed Balclutha State5156- 3710
Blue Mountain College 7–13Coed Tapanui State7230 391
Clinton School 1–8Coed Clinton State465 3723
Clutha Valley School 1–8CoedState9119- 3724
Heriot School 1–6Coed Heriot State861 3749
Kaitangata School 1–8Coed Kaitangata State4100- 3754
Lawrence Area School 1–13Coed Lawrence State6139- 390
Milton School 1–6Coed Milton State4137- 3772
Romahapa School 1–8CoedState476 3811
Rosebank School 1–8Coed Balclutha State6256 3812
South Otago High School 9–13Coed Balclutha State6456 393
St Joseph's School 1–8Coed Balclutha State integrated755- 3826
St Mary's School 1–6Coed Milton State integrated470- 3831
Stirling School 1–8Coed Stirling State724 3836
Tahakopa School 1–8CoedState95- 3838
Taieri Beach School 1–8Coed Taieri Mouth State54- 3840
Tapanui School 1–6Coed Tapanui State791- 3842
The Catlins Area School 1–13Coed Owaka State6112 394
Tokoiti School 1–6Coed Milton State434 3845
Tokomairiro High School 7–13Coed Milton State5240 392
Waihola District School 1–8Coed Waihola State633- 3850
Waikoikoi School 1–6CoedState811- 3851
Waitahuna School 1–6Coed Waitahuna State720- 3855
Waiwera South School 1–8Coed Waiwera South State736- 3858
Warepa School 1–8CoedState952- 3861


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