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Location in Kerala, India
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Kaipuzha (India)
Coordinates: 9°40′0″N76°30′0″E / 9.66667°N 76.50000°E / 9.66667; 76.50000 Coordinates: 9°40′0″N76°30′0″E / 9.66667°N 76.50000°E / 9.66667; 76.50000
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Kottayam
 (2001) [1]
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration KL-

Kaipuzha is a small village in Kottayam District and sub-district in the Indian state of Kerala. [1] As of the 2001 census, it had a population of 6,991 in 1,565 households. [1]

Kerala State in southern India

Kerala is a state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. It was formed on 1 November 1956, following passage of the States Reorganisation Act, by combining Malayalam-speaking regions. Spread over 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi), Kerala is the twenty-second largest Indian state by area. It is bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west. With 33,387,677 inhabitants as per the 2011 Census, Kerala is the thirteenth-largest Indian state by population. It is divided into 14 districts with the capital being Thiruvananthapuram. Malayalam is the most widely spoken language and is also the official language of the state.

The 2001 Census of India was the 14th in a series of censuses held in India every decade since 1871.



The name Kaipuzha is derived from the two words Kai (which means "hand") and Puzha (which means "river"). This is a testament to the many small canal-like rivers found in the vicinity and it is a tributary of meenachil river . It is bounded by Ettumanoor to the east and Mannanam to the south. Nearby villages also include Athirampuzha, Neendoor, Kurumulloor, Manjoor, Kallara, and Vechoor which gave its name to the Vechur cow, smallest breed of cattle found anywhere in the world. Kottayam Town is located 7 km south.

Ettumanoor Municipality in Kerala, India

Ettumanoor, sometimes spelled Ettumanur, is a major town and municipality in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India, located 11 kilometers north-east of Kottayam city, 50 kilometers south of Cochin, and 70 kilometers south of Cochin International Airport. The SH-1 popularly known as the Main Central (MC) Road, passes through Ettumanoor, and is a major connecting link between Palai and beyond, to the Western Ghats and to the commercial capital of Kerala - Kochi. Ettumanoor is en route to the tourist destinations at Wagamon and Poonjar.

Athirampuzha Place in Kerala, India

Athirampuzha is a town in Kottayam district of Kerala state, South India. It is famous because the Mahatma Gandhi University is situated here. Athirampuzha is situated 10 km north of Kottayam town, 3 km from Ettumanoor and from Main Central Road S.H.1 of Kerala.

Neendoor town in Kerala, India

Neendoor is a very small town in the Kottayam district in Kerala, India. The town is located 8 km south of Kottayam town, and is bordered by the towns of Kaipuzha, Athirampuzha, Kallara, Manjoor, Vechoor, and Onamthuruthu.


Kaipuzha, Athirampuzha, and Ettumanoor were popular places for trade purposes because of the navigable rivers found all over the area. In the olden days, Kaipuzha was believed to be one of the border villages between the Thekkumkur and Vadakkumkur kingdoms. When Thekkumkur and Vadakkumkur were defeated by the Travancore kingdom, Kaipuzha came under Travancore. K.E. College, which was founded and named after the Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara was once believed to originally be planned to be built in Kaipuzha, but politics within the community changed that location to nearby Mannanam.

Thekkumkur was a small independent kingdom that existed before 1750 in the southern part of Kerala, India. The literal meaning of the title is the southern regent and the attribute southern distinguished them from another kingdom known as Vadakkumkoor which bordered it in the northern side. The royal household, Thekkumkoor Kovilakam, were at Neeraazi Kottaram, near Kavil Bhagavathi temple, Pizhavathil of Changanasseri, Vennimala near Puthuppally and Thaliyilkotta near Thazhathangadi in Kottayam. Many mistake Laxmipuram Palace, in Pizhavathil as the royal residence of Thekkumkoor kings. But Lakshmipuram palace was built after the last Thekkumkoor kingdom was conquered by the Marthanda Varma, the king of Venad in 1750. This was for accommodating the fleeing Parppanaattu royals


The majority of people are either Hindus or Christians. One ancient temple found in Kaipuzha is Sri Dharma Sastha temple, which is located near the Sasthankal junction. Legend proclaims that it was Sree Parasurama who consecrated the idol of Lord Ayyappa in this temple, facing to the West. Kaipuzha has its place in the famous book "EITHIHYAMALA" by Sri Kottarathil Sankunni. Historical scripts reveal that during the region of the Edathil Royal family, this temple gained fame, and Pujas and rituals were held with all of its grandeur. St. George’s Forane Church was built in 1813. Bishop Thomas Tharayil, the third bishop of the Knanaya Kottayam Archdiocese was born here. Hindus are a minority and there are no Muslims in this village.

Mar Thomas Tharayil was born in Kaipuzha, India. He was ordained and served in the Syro-Malabar Church.


The Knanaya, also known as the Southists or Tekkumbhagar, are an endogamous group in the Saint Thomas Christian community of Kerala, India. They are differentiated from another part of the community, known in this context as the Northists. Today there are about 300,000 Knanaya in India and elsewhere.

Notable residents

Thomas Tharayil 3rd Bishop of Knanaya Kottayam Archdiocese

Justice Cyriac Joseph was born in Kaipuzha.

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Kottayam district District in Kerala, India

Kottayam is one of the 14 districts in the state of Kerala, India. Kottayam has no city or muncipal corporation, but has six muncipal towns of Kottayam, Changanssery, Pala, Erattupetta, Ettumanoor, and Vaikom. Though the district is 65 km south to Kochi, it is located in an area with biggest diameter and population. It is the only district in kerala having no border with either the Arabian Sea or the other states.

Changanassery Town in Kerala, India

Changanasserry is a municipal town in Kottayam district in the state of Kerala, India. Changanassery is the gateway to the Western Ghats and Kuttanad. It is one of the major educational and religious centres of Kerala, with nearly 100% literacy. There are five colleges, eight higher secondary schools, one vocational higher secondary school and ten high schools within a four-kilometre radius of the town.

Uzhavoor is an expanding town in Kottayam district, Kerala in India. It is just 32 km away from the administrative capital Kottayam District. Most of its residents are either wealthy farmers or businessmen. Many of the houses belong to NRIs. The tenth President of India, K. R. Narayanan, was born and brought up in this village. The newly expanded road which connects the city of Palai and other famous destinations such as Sabarimala to the city of Muvattupuzha passes through Uzhavoor. The town is 177 km from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.

Odanad was a feudal state in late medieval Kerala. It was established in the 11th century, and disestablished in 1746 when it became part of Travancore after Venad King Marthanda Varma's northern expedition. At the time of its dissolution, it was composed of the present-day taluks of Mavelikkara, Karthikapally, Chenganur in the Alappuzha district and Karunagapally in the Kollam district. In the 15th century, the capital of Odanad was moved from Kandiyoor-Muttom, Mavelikkara to Eruva and Krishnapuram, near Kayamkulam, which led to the state being called Kayamkulam. After this shift, Kayamkulam became the commercial centre of Odanad, while Mavelikkara remained its cultural centre. Odanad was controlled by Nair lords, among whom the ruler of Kayamkulam was the most prominent.

Mallapally Town in Kerala, India

Mallappally is a taluk in Kerala state in India. It is one of the five taluks that make up the Pathanamthitta district. Historically a part of the kingdom of Travancore and called "Land of the BA graduates" due to English education imparted by Anglican missionaries in the 19th century, Mallappally is the original home of a large number of Non-resident Indians, and has one of the lowest population growth and highest literacy rates in India.

Kottayam City in Kerala, India

Kottayam is a city in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the district headquarters of Kottayam district, located in south-west Kerala. It had a population of 136,812 in the city's administrative limits according to the 2011 census. Kottayam is approximately 146 km north of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala's capital city.

Piravom Suburb/Big Town/Municipality in Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Piravom is a municipality and a suburb of the city of Kochi in Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala, India. It is situated around 30 km South East of the Kochi city center. Piravom is famous for historic Hindu temples and Syrian Christian churches and is believed as the birthplace of Adi Shankara. The town lies 20 km from Muvattupuzha. Piravom is located at the boundary between two districts, Ernakulam and Kottayam.

Kaduthuruthy Town in Kerala, India

Kaduthuruthy is a town in Kottayam District in the state of Kerala, India, and it shares border with Kochi Metropolitan Area.

Cherpunkal town in Kerala, India

Cherpunkal is a small town in the Kottayam district of Kerala State in India on the Kottayam-Palai Road, seven kilometers from Palai city.

Matthew Makil Vicar Apostolic of Kottayam

Mathew Makil, Servant of God was the second Vicar Apostolic and the first indigenous Vicar Apostolic of the Vicariate of Changanassery, which is the Syro Malabar Archdiocese of Changanassery today. Mar Mathew Makil was also the first Vicar Apostolic of the Vicariate of Kottayam, which is the Knanaya Arch Diocese of Kottayam today. He was born in Manjoor, Travancore now a part of Kerala. He was the third son of Thomman and Anna Makil Puthenpurayil. In 1896, he became the Vicar Apostolic of the Vicariate of Changanassery, and in 1911, when a new Vicariate Apostolic of Kottayam was constituted exclusively for the Knanaya Catholics, Mar Mathew Makil was transferred to Kottayam as Vicar Apostolic. He died at Kottayam on 26 Jan 1914 and on 26 Jan 2009 Declared as Servant of God.

Peroor is a village in Kottayam district of Kerala, India. It is located 3 km from the town Ettumanoor and contains more than five different settlement colonies.

Vedhagiri is in the district of Kottayam, Kerala, India, and is famous for the ashram monastery of the Hindu guru (teacher) Vedhavyasa (Devanāgarī).

Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple Hindu temple in Kerala

Ettumanoor Mahadeva temple is an ancient Shiva temple in Kottayam, Kerala, India. It has brought glory and fame to the place. Myths have it that the Pandavas and the sage Vyasa had worshipped at this temple. The name of the place has its origin from the word 'manoor', which means the land of deer. The temple is one of the major Shiva temples in Kerala counted along with the Shiva temples of Vaikom Temple, Chengannur Mahadeva Temple, Kaduthruthy Mahadeva Temple, Ernakulam Shiva Temple, Vazhappally Maha Siva Temple and Vadakkunathan temple.

Reflecting the religious constitution of the population, a large number of Hindu temples and Christian churches dot the townscape of Kottayam district. Some of them are the Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple, Kumaranalloor Devi temple, Thiruvarrpu Sri Krishna Temple, Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple, Pallippurathukavu Bhagavathi Temple, Elia Cathedral, Kottayam Valiya Pally, Manarcad Cathedral, Cheriya Palli, CSI Holy Trinity cathedral, Puthuppally St. George Church and Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid. All the temples of Kottayam were also built under royal patronage of Hinduism during the 2nd millennium.

Pandavam village in Kerala, India

Pandavam is a village in Aymanam panchayath in Kottayam District in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located near Kudayampady on Kottayam - Olassa - Parippu route.

Elappunkal Village in Kerala, India

Elappunkal is a village close to Erattupetta in the Kottayam district of Kerala state in India. It is situated between the Erattupetta - Thodupuzha state highway route. The Meenachil river flows by one side of the village. Elappunkal's primary exports are rubber and most of its inhabitants are farmers. The main religions are Hindu and Islam.


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