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Kelton Pell
Western Australia, Australia

Kelton Pell is an Indigenous Australian stage, TV and film actor, perhaps best known for his role as the court liaison officer, Sam Wallan in the SBS legal drama The Circuit set in north-western Australia. Pell is from Western Australia.



Pell has been a stage presence in the theatre since 1985, performing for the Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre, the Black Swan Theatre Company and the Sydney Theatre Company. Many of these performances were of plays which grew from indigenous themes. [1]

In 2000 Pell along with Ningali Lawford and Phil Thomson wrote a show for the Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre called Solid, whose premiere performance was at the Perth International Arts Festival. Because of its sensitive indigenous subject matter, before the premiere the play was performed for, and to the approval of, 2000 Indigenous Australians. [2]

Recently Pell performed in several productions of the Stephen Page directed Bloodland, a play with a Romeo and Juliette type story. The play features traditional languages and Pidgin English, as well as song and dance. [3] As to versatility, he has even been in performances of Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night's Dream .

Kelton Pell is a familiar face on Australian television, having been seen in the young TV show Bush Patrol and the SBS series, The Circuit, a legal drama set in the Kimberley. In 2012 he starred in an episode of the highly regarded TV series, Redfern Now, as a well-to-do Indigenous Australian living in Redfern, whose life seems to be exemplary, though he has been receiving government benefit money fraudulently. [4]



1993 Blackfellas Willice
2001 One Night the Moon Albert Yang
2002 Confessions Of A Headhunter Vinnie, the artistshort film
2002 Australian Rules Tommy Red
2003Cold TurkeyOld Man
2007The TurtlePopShort film
2007 September Michael Parker
2009 Stone Bros. Hector
2009 Last Ride Ranger Lyall
2009Aunty Maggie and the Womba WakgunUncle PeterShort film
2009 Bran Nue Dae Mean Drunk
2011 Mad Bastards Mad Dog
2015 Redfern Now: Promise Me RaymondTelevision film
2015 Looking for Grace Detective
2016 Red Dog: True Blue Durack
2017 Three Summers Jack
2017Nobody's ChildJimmyShort film
2020The XrossingBobbie
2021 Buckley's Chance Jules


1996 The Adventures of the Bush Patrol Wazza
1998 Minty JackEpisode: "If I Were You"
2007–2010 The Circuit Sam Wallman12 episodes
2011 Cloudstreet Bob Crab3 episodes
2012 Redfern Now RaymondEpisode: "Raymond"
2013 Hard Rock Medical Uncle AlbertEpisode: "Other Side of the Fence"
2014 The Moodys FredEpisode: "Australia Day"
2014 The Gods of Wheat Street Odin Freeburn6 episodes


Pell has won the following awards:

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