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Kjell Roar Kaasa

Kjell Roar Kaasa (born 15 March 1966) is a retired Norwegian football striker.


Kaasa's many clubs include Drangedal, Kjosen, Bøler, Skeid, Kongsvinger, Lyn, Rosenborg, Stabæk, Vålerenga, Follo and Manglerud Star. [1]

Career statistics

As of 11 January 2015
SeasonClubDivisionLeagueNational CupLeague CupEuropeTotal
1992 Kongsvinger Tippeligaen 2017362323
1993 Lyn 2113002113
1994 Rosenborg 22623249
1995 Stabæk 23800238
1996 26800268
1997 Vålerenga First Division 24900249
1998 Tippeligaen 21700217
1999 002020
1999 Lyn First Division 1713332016
2000 13212144
Career Total187831114000019897


While playing for Kongsvinger in 1992, Kaasa was the top scorer in the league scoring a total of 17 goals. [1]

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