Knights of the Abyss

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Knights of the Abyss
Origin Glendale, Arizona
Genres Deathcore [1] [2] [3] [1]
Years active 2005-2012, 2015
Labels Ferret (US)
Siege of Amida (UK)

Knights of the Abyss was an American deathcore band from Glendale, Arizona, United States, formed in 2005. [1]

Deathcore is an extreme metal fusion genre that combines musical elements of death metal and metalcore and sometimes hardcore punk. It makes use of death metal riffs and blast beats, as well as metalcore breakdowns. Deathcore gained most prominence within the southwestern United States, especially Arizona and inland southern California, which are home to many notable bands and various festivals.

Glendale, Arizona City in Arizona, United States

Glendale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, located about nine miles (14 km) northwest from Downtown Phoenix. According to the 2017 U.S. Census estimates, the population of the city is 246,709.

Arizona state of the United States of America

Arizona is a state in the southwestern region of the United States. It is also part of the Western and the Mountain states. It is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix. Arizona shares the Four Corners region with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico; its other neighboring states are Nevada and California to the west and the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California to the south and southwest.



Knights of the Abyss was formed in 2005 after drummer Andy Rysdam had left his former band Job for a Cowboy. [1] They have recorded two full-length albums, which were released by Siege of Amida Records and Ferret Music. Early songs featured the original vocalist Phil Noriega. Dustin Hadlock, a friend of the band who had provided some guest vocals on some older tracks, stepped in to record the rest of the album and toured with the band throughout January 2008. The band announced their signing to Ferret Music. [4] A new song, titled "A New Darkened Faith", from their first Ferret album, Shades, was posted on the band's Myspace page in early April. All vocals on Shades were by Dustin Curtis of the band A Breath Before Surfacing from Tucson, Arizona. [1] The band has toured in the United States and the United Kingdom, playing alongside bands such as Elysia [4] and Arsonists Get All the Girls. Elysia's vocalist, Zak Vargas, was featured on the song "Decaying Waste" from the album Juggernaut. [1]

Job for a Cowboy American deathcore band

Job for a Cowboy is an American death metal band from Glendale, Arizona. Formed in 2003, the band's debut album Genesis was released in 2007, peaking at No. 54 on the US Billboard 200 and selling 13,000 copies in its first week of release. The second album, 2009's Ruination, sold 10,600 copies in the United States in its first week to debut at position No. 42 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band comprises vocalist Jonny Davy, guitarists Tony Sannicandro and Al Glassman, bassist Nick Schendzielos, and drummer Chad Cortez. Davy is the only remaining founding member.

Ferret Music was an American independent record label, founded in 1996. The label is owned by NORA's vocalist, Carl Severson, and based in West Windsor Township, New Jersey. Ferret recently started an imprint called New Weathermen Records. Warner Music Group's Alternative Distribution Alliance acquired a stake in Ferret Music in August, 2006, and as a result is currently distributed by Fontana Distribution, Alternative Distribution Alliance and eOne Music.

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With the start of 2009, many of the original members of Knights of the Abyss had left, [1] many to return to school. Dustin Hadlock was once again appointed vocalist, and drummer James Gillespie, guitarist Brian McNulty, and bass guitarist Griffin Kolinski were added as well. [1] Kolinski and McNulty also play in the Arizona metal band The Blood Countess. [1] Hadlock and Gillespie were recruited from Nick Florence's side project, entitled Decessus. [1] Florence is currently the only original member of the band. [1] Knights of the Abyss announced that they had returned to the studio to demo and record a follow-up to Shades. On May 3, 2009, the band posted a new song in pre-production dubbed as "Pandemic", as a sign they were recording their newest album. By May 1, 2010, the band had completed recording their third full-length album, titled The Culling of Wolves.

Knights of the Abyss launched the first single for The Culling of Wolves, titled "Deceiver's Creed", on both their Myspace and Facebook pages in July 2010. As stated by their social networking sites, the album was released August 17, 2010 via Ferret Music. [5] They also announced two separate U.S. tours for the fall. "The Culling of Wolves Tour" featured Conducting from the Grave, Enfold Darkness, and The World We Knew. [6] "The California Blood Tour" included Cattle Decapitation, Devourment, Burning the Masses, and Son of Aurelius. [7]

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Conducting from the Grave was an American deathcore band, formed in 2003 in Sacramento, California.

<i>The World We Knew</i> 1967 studio album by Frank Sinatra

The World We Knew, also known as Frank Sinatra, is a 1967 studio album by American singer Frank Sinatra.

Former band member, Griffin Kolinski, died on July 20, 2015, aged 28, from congestive heart failure. [8]

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