Lee Si-yeon

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Lee Si-yeon
Lee Dae-hak

(1980-07-24) 24 July 1980 (age 38)
OccupationActress, model
Years active1999–present
Korean name
Revised Romanization I Si-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Yi Si-yeŏn
Birth name
Revised Romanization I Dae-hak
McCune–Reischauer Yi Tae-hak

Lee Si-yeon (hangul:이시연, hanja:李詩姸, born Lee Dae-hak, 24 July 1980 [1] ) is a South Korean transgender actress and model. In 1999, Lee participated in the Anti-Miss Korea competition. [2] In 2007, Lee changed gender through surgery and became a woman. [3] Born Lee Dae-hak (이대학, 李大鶴), she is the niece of Seo Jae-hyok, a famous singer-songwriter and guitar player from South Korea and a member of Buhwal (부활) [4]

Hangul Native alphabet of the Korean language

The Korean alphabet, known as Hangul, has been used to write the Korean language since its creation in the 15th century by King Sejong the Great. It may also be written as Hangeul following the standard Romanization.

South Korea Republic in East Asia

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (ROK), is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and lying to the east of the Asian mainland. The name Korea is derived from Goguryeo which was one of the great powers in East Asia during its time, ruling most of the Korean Peninsula, Manchuria, parts of the Russian Far East and Inner Mongolia, under Gwanggaeto the Great. South Korea lies in the north temperate zone and has a predominantly mountainous terrain. It comprises an estimated 51.4 million residents distributed over 100,363 km2 (38,750 sq mi). Its capital and largest city is Seoul, with a population of around 10 million.

Transgender Gender identity that does not match assigned sex

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. Some transgender people identify as transsexual if they desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another. Transgender – often shortened as trans – is also an umbrella term: in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex, it may include people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine. Other definitions of transgender also include people who belong to a third gender, or else conceptualize transgender people as a third gender. Infrequently, the term transgender is defined very broadly to include cross-dressers, regardless of their gender identity.



Lee debuted as a male model under her birth name Dae-hak, becoming known for her feminine appearance and wearing women's clothing on the catwalk, but ultimately wished to pursue a career as an actor. She appeared in the films My Boss, My Hero (2001) and Sex Is Zero (2002), providing comic relief in effeminate male roles, but felt pressured into cutting her hair and building up muscle. Lee recalled that, "once I entered showbiz, I was forced to live a life I didn't like", and growing increasingly unhappy, made several attempts at suicide before deciding to transition. [5]

Femininity Set of qualities, characteristics or roles associated with girls and women

Femininity is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women. Femininity is socially constructed, but made up of both socially-defined and biologically-created factors. This makes it distinct from the definition of the biological female sex, as both males and females can exhibit feminine traits.

<i>Sex Is Zero</i> 2002 South Korean film directed by Yoon Je-kyoon

Sex Is Zero is a 2002 South Korean film written and directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, starring Im Chang-jung and Ha Ji-won. In the style of American gross-out comedies like American Pie, it follows the exploits of a group of college students, which eventually takes a serious turn. Sex Is Zero sold 4,089,900 tickets in South Korea, making it the fifth most popular film of 2002.

Comic relief is the inclusion of a humorous character, scene, or witty dialogue in an otherwise serious work, often to relieve tension.

Adopting the given name Si-yeon, Lee underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2007, and admitted to having doubts over her sexuality since being in secondary school. [5] She returned to acting later that year in the sequel Sex Is Zero 2 , with her character from the original film now also a transsexual. [6] Lee publicly announced her sex reassignment prior to the release of the film, but was apprehensive about the reaction from audiences. [7] Co-star Shin-ee observed that surgery had not changed her image much, and stated that she had always regarded Lee as a "kid sister". [6]

Human sexuality is the way people experience and express themselves sexually. This involves biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors. Because it is a broad term, which has varied over time, it lacks a precise definition. The biological and physical aspects of sexuality largely concern the human reproductive functions, including the human sexual response cycle. Someone's sexual orientation can influence that person's sexual interest and attraction for another person. Physical and emotional aspects of sexuality include bonds between individuals that are expressed through profound feelings or physical manifestations of love, trust, and care. Social aspects deal with the effects of human society on one's sexuality, while spirituality concerns an individual's spiritual connection with others. Sexuality also affects and is affected by cultural, political, legal, philosophical, moral, ethical, and religious aspects of life.

Secondary school building and organization where secondary education is provided

A secondary school is both an organization that provides secondary education and the building where this takes place. Some secondary schools can provide both lower secondary education and upper secondary education, but these can also be provided in separate schools, as in the American middle and high school system.

<i>Sex Is Zero 2</i> 2007 film

Sex Is Zero 2 is the 2007 sequel to the South Korean comedy film Sex Is Zero, and is the directorial debut of Yoon Tae-yoon. Starring Im Chang-jeong and Song Ji-hyo, the film reunites most of the cast from the original film, though Ha Ji-won only makes a cameo appearance. Sex Is Zero 2 was released in South Korea on 12 December 2007.



2001 My Boss, My Hero
2002 Sex Is Zero Lee Dae-hak
2007 Sex Is Zero 2 Lee Dae-hak

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Si-yeon, also spelled Shi-yeon, is a Korean feminine given name. The meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 39 hanja with the reading "si" and 39 hanja with the reading "yeon" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.

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