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Frederick I of Denmark King of Denmark (1523-33); King of Norway (1524-33)

Frederick I was King of Denmark and Norway. He was the last Roman Catholic monarch to reign over Denmark and Norway, when subsequent monarchs embraced Lutheranism after the Protestant Reformation. As king of Norway, Frederick is most remarkable in never having visited the country and was never crowned as such. Therefore, he was styled King of Denmark, the Vends and the Goths, elected King of Norway. Frederick's reign began the enduring tradition of calling kings of Denmark alternatively by the names Christian and Frederik, which has continued up to the reign of the current monarch, Margrethe II.

Constantin Hansen Danish artist (1804-1880)

Carl Christian Constantin Hansen was one of the painters associated with the Golden Age of Danish Painting. He was deeply interested in literature and mythology, and inspired by art historian Niels Laurits Høyen, he tried to recreate a national historical painting based on Norse mythology. He painted also many altarpieces and portraits, including the monumental oil painting The Danish Constituent Assembly between 1861 and 1865.

Peder Skram

Peder Skram was a Danish Admiral and naval hero.

Carl Frederik Bricka Danish archivist, historian and biographer

Carl Frederik Bricka was a Danish archivist, historian and biographer.

Johannes Larsen Danish artist

Johannes Larsen was a Danish nature painter.

Election of Christian III 1534 election of Christian III as King of Denmark

The election of Christian III as king of Denmark on 4 July 1534 was a landmark event for all of Denmark and also Norway. It took place in St. Søren's Church in the town of Rye in eastern Jutland, where the Jutlandic nobility elected Prince Christian, son of King Frederick I and Duke of Schleswig and Holsten, as king. This brought about the Count's Feud and later also led to the implementation of the Protestant Reformation in Denmark and Norway.

Events from the year 1903 in Denmark.

August Saabye Danish sculptor

August Vilhelm Saabye, also known as August Wilhelm Saabye, was a Danish sculptor.

Frederik Ferdinand Helsted Danish painter and drawing master

Frederik Ferdinand Helsted was a Danish painter and drawing master.

Niels William Scharff was a Danish painter, one of the leading proponents of Cubism in Denmark.

Georg Achen Danish painter

Georg Nicolai Achen was a Danish painter. One of the more accomplished Naturalists of his generation, from the 1890s he specialized in portraits.

Elsa Agnete Yvonne Nielsen née Bendixsen was a Danish graphic artist. The grand-daughter of the painter Laurits Tuxen, in 1946 she married the graphic artist Palle Nielsen.

William Hammer (painter) Danish painter

William Hammer was a Danish artist who specialized in painting still lifes of flowers and fruits.

Svend Johansen was a Danish painter, scenographer and illustrator.

Peter Alfred Schou Danish painter

Peter Alfred Schou was a Danish painter.

Elna Møller Moltke was a Danish architect and author.

Johanne Cathrine Krebs

Johanne Cathrine Krebs was a Danish painter and women's rights activist. She was known for her portrait painting. She was active in establishing the women's department of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Ludovica Thornam

Ludovica Anine Vilhelmine Augusta Thornam was a Danish portrait and genre painter.

Elinborg Lützen Faroese graphic designer

Elinborg Lützen (1919-1995) was a Faroese graphic designer.

Olga Rosalie Aloisa Wagner née Packness (1873–1963) was a Danish painter and sculptor. After specializing in painting at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, she was trained as a sculptor by her husband Siegfried. She worked together with him throughout her life, developing her own style. She is remembered for her large stone and bronze figures but also created smaller works in porcelain while working with Bing & Grøndahl and the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory.


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