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Encyclopedia Type of reference work

An encyclopedia, encyclopædia, or encyclopaedia is a reference work or compendium providing summaries of knowledge either from all branches or from a particular field or discipline. Encyclopedias are divided into articles or entries that are often arranged alphabetically by article name and sometimes by thematic categories. Encyclopedia entries are longer and more detailed than those in most dictionaries. Generally speaking, encyclopedia articles focus on factual information concerning the subject named in the article's title; this is unlike dictionary entries, which focus on linguistic information about words, such as their etymology, meaning, pronunciation, use, and grammatical forms.

Planets in science fiction are fictional planets that appear in various media of the science fiction genre as story-settings or depicted locations.

The Columbia Encyclopedia is a one-volume encyclopedia produced by Columbia University Press and in the last edition, sold by the Gale Group. First published in 1935, and continuing its relationship with Columbia University, the encyclopedia underwent major revisions in 1950 and 1963; the current edition is the sixth, printed in 2000. It contains over 51,000 articles totaling some 6.5 million words and has also been published in two volumes.

This is a list of book lists (bibliographies) on Wikipedia, organized by various criteria.

501 is the natural number following 500 and preceding 502.

The Encyclopedia of Korean Culture is a Korean language encyclopedia published by the Academy of Korean Studies and DongBang Media Co. The articles in the encyclopedia are aimed at readers who want to learn about Korean culture and history, and were written by over 3,800 scholars and expert contributors — mainly associated with the Academy of Korean Studies. Munhwa Ilbo called it the most extensive encyclopedia of Korean studies.

<i>Doosan Encyclopedia</i> Korean language encyclopedia

Doosan Encyclopedia is a Korean language encyclopedia published by Doosan Donga (두산동아). The encyclopedia is based on the Dong-A Color Encyclopedia (동아원색세계대백과사전), which comprises 30 volumes and began to be published in 1982 by Dong-A Publishing (동아출판사). Dong-A Publishing was merged into Doosan Donga, a subsidiary of Doosan Group, in February 1985.

Wonders of the World Subjective lists of natural features and artificial structures on Earth

Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, in order to catalogue the world's most spectacular natural features and human-built structures.

Dark lord Stock character; an evil, very powerful, often godlike or near-immortal sorcerer

In literature and fiction, the dark lord is an archetype of a particular form of primary antagonist, typical of genre fantasy.

Lists of telescopes

This is a list of lists of telescopes.