List of county routes in Putnam County, New York

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Example of standard signage for county routes in Putnam County. Putnam County Route 10 NY.svg
Example of standard signage for county routes in Putnam County.

County routes in Putnam County, New York, known within the county as "county roads", are owned and maintained by the Putnam County Department of Highways and Facilities.

Putnam County, New York County in New York

Putnam County is a county located in the U.S. state of New York. As of the 2010 census, the population was 99,710. The county seat is Carmel. Putnam County formed in 1812 from Dutchess County and is named for Israel Putnam, a hero in the French and Indian War and a general in the American Revolutionary War.


Most of the county road numbers, which are all two-digits, are signed with the standard yellow-on-blue pentagon route marker specified by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (sign M1–6), which is also used in other counties throughout the state. However, the frequency of signage for county routes is not as high as that of state route signage. For instance, it is not uncommon for a road to have its number signed only on it and not on intersecting roads. This is reflected in local vernacular, as most residents refer to the county roads by name and not by number.

<i>Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices</i> federal highway manual

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a document issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to specify the standards by which traffic signs, road surface markings, and signals are designed, installed, and used. These specifications include the shapes, colors, and fonts used in road markings and signs. In the United States, all traffic control devices must legally conform to these standards. The manual is used by state and local agencies as well as private construction firms to ensure that the traffic control devices they use conform to the national standard. While some state agencies have developed their own sets of standards, including their own MUTCDs, these must substantially conform to the federal MUTCD.

The first digit of a county road number indicates a town along the road, usually the town of origin. Exceptions to this scheme exist, however. The three villages in Putnam County are included with their respective towns.

Philipstown, New York Town in New York, United States

Philipstown is a town located in the western part of Putnam County, New York, United States. The population was 9,662 at the 2010 census.

Putnam Valley, New York Town in New York, United States

Putnam Valley is a town in Putnam County, New York, United States. The population was 11,809 at the 2010 census. Its location is northeast of New York City, in the southwest part of Putnam County. Many residents of Putnam Valley commute to New York City daily for work or recreational purposes. Putnam Valley calls itself the "Town of Lakes".

Carmel, New York Town in New York, United States

Carmel is a town in Putnam County, New York, United States. As of the 2010 census, the town had a population of 34,305.

On a town level, the numbers are assigned in a roughly west-to-east and south-to-north fashion. There is no known numbering scheme within the towns, as numbers are assigned based on the order of establishment. The presence of skipped numbers in the order (such as CR 31) implies that there are a few decommissioned roads, but some (like CR 52) were likely skipped intentionally to avoid confusion with state routes in the county.

Routes 1–50

(mi) [1]
CR 10 jct.svg CR 102.754.43 NY 301 in Nelsonville Fishkill Road US 9 in Philipstown
CR 11 jct.svg CR 111.792.88 NY 9D Snake Hill Road in Philipstown US 9
CR 12 jct.svg CR 120.490.79 NY 9D  / NY 403 Lower Station Road in Philipstown Garrison Station
CR 13 jct.svg CR 130.781.26 Westchester County lineGallows Hill Road in Philipstown CR 15
CR 14 jct.svg CR 140.380.61 Garrison Station Upper Station Road in Philipstown NY 9D
CR 15 jct.svg CR 151.462.35CR 13 in Philipstown Sprout Brook RoadIndian Lake Road in Putnam Valley
CR 16 jct.svg CR 160.500.80 NY 9D in Philipstown Peekskill Road NY 301 in Nelsonville
CR 17 jct.svg CR 170.150.24 Cold Spring village lineFair Street in Philipstown NY 9D
CR 20 jct.svg CR 206.2710.09 Westchester County lineOscawana Lake Road in Putnam Valley North Shore Road
CR 21 jct.svg CR 2111.3418.25CR 20 in Putnam Valley Peekskill Hollow Road NY 301 in Kent
CR 22 jct.svg CR 222.143.44CR 20Church Road in Putnam Valley CR 21 / CR 23
CR 23 jct.svg CR 231.322.12 Westchester County lineMill Street in Putnam Valley CR 21 / CR 22
CR 24 jct.svg CR 242.303.70 Westchester County line in Carmel Wood StreetCR 30 in Putnam Valley
CR 30 jct.svg CR 301.862.99 Taconic State Parkway in Putnam Valley Secor Road NY 6N in Carmel
CR 32 jct.svg CR 325.568.95 NY 6N Hill Street and Long Pond and Crane roads in Carmel US 6
CR 33 jct.svg CR 332.974.78 NY 6N West Lake and North Lake boulevards in Carmel CR 72
CR 34 jct.svg CR 344.026.47 US 6 Croton Falls Road in Carmel Westchester County line (becomes CR 136)
CR 35 jct.svg CR 354.377.03 US 6 Stoneleigh Road in Carmel Westchester County line (becomes CR 137)
CR 36 jct.svg CR 365.028.08 US 6 in Carmel Drewville RoadUS 6 in Southeast
CR 37 jct.svg CR 372.163.48 US 6  / NY 118 Baldwin Place Road in Carmel NY 6N
CR 38 jct.svg CR 382.003.22CR 34West Shore Drive in Carmel CR 36
CR 41 jct.svg CR 412.924.70 NY 301 in Carmel Gipsy Trail RoadMaynard Road in Kent
CR 42 jct.svg CR 426.019.67 NY 301 Farmers Mills Road in Kent NY 52
CR 43 jct.svg CR 433.465.57 NY 311 in Patterson Ludingtonville Road NY 52/I 84 in Kent
CR 44 jct.svg CR 441.021.64CR 60 in Carmel Palmer and Hill and Dale roadsCR 45 in Kent
CR 45 jct.svg CR 451.592.56 NY 52 in Kent Towners RoadCR 60 in Patterson
CR 46 jct.svg CR 460.871.40CR 60 in Patterson Terry Hill Road NY 311 in Kent
CR 47 jct.svg CR 473.505.63Kittredge DriveCarmel-Kent Cliffs Road NY 52 Given to state in 1980; now part of NY 301.
CR 47 jct.svg CR 47 0.200.32CR 21Old Route 301 in Kent NY 301 Former routing of NY 301
CR 48 jct.svg CR 480.671.08 NY 52 Horsepound Road in Kent Nichols Street
CR 49 jct.svg CR 490.350.56CR 45 in Kent Noonan DriveCR 60 in Patterson
CR 50 jct.svg CR 50 0.470.76 US 6  / US 202  / NY 22 Sodom Road in Southeast Dead endFormer routing of NY 22

Routes 51 and up

(mi) [1]
CR 51 jct.svg CR 511.933.11CR 55 in Southeast Turk Hill Road and Morningthorpe Avenue US 202  / NY 22  / CR 56 in Brewster
CR 53 jct.svg CR 531.051.69 Brewster village lineNorth Main Street and Tonetta Lake and Peaceable Hill roads in Southeast US 6
CR 54 jct.svg CR 543.505.63 NY 22 Milltown Road in Southeast Connecticut state line
CR 55 jct.svg CR 55 2.383.83 US 202  / NY 22 Deans Corner and North Salem roads in Southeast Westchester County line (becomes CR 310)Formerly part of NY 124
CR 56 jct.svg CR 560.390.63 US 202  / NY 22  / CR 51 in Southeast Railroad Avenue US 6 in Brewster
CR 57 jct.svg CR 571.322.12 US 6 in Southeast John Simpson RoadCR 60 in Carmel
CR 58 jct.svg CR 582.854.59CR 53Tonetta Lake and North Brewster roads in Southeast NY 312
CR 59 jct.svg CR 590.480.77CR 53Crosby Avenue in Southeast CR 53
CR 60 jct.svg CR 604.697.55 NY 52 in Carmel Fair Street NY 311 in Patterson
CR 61 jct.svg CR 610.871.40Dead end at Croton River in Southeast Old Doansburg Lane and Gage RoadCR 65 in Patterson
CR 62 jct.svg CR 623.104.99 NY 312 in Southeast Farm to Market Road NY 164 in Patterson
CR 63 jct.svg CR 630.741.19 NY 292 Harmony Road in Patterson Dutchess County line (becomes CR 69)
CR 64 jct.svg CR 642.363.80 NY 164 Cornwall Hill Road in Patterson NY 311
CR 65 jct.svg CR 654.457.16 NY 22 in Southeast Doansburg and East Branch roadsCR 68 in Patterson
CR 66 jct.svg CR 661.121.80CR 65Fairfield Drive in Patterson Connecticut state line
CR 67 jct.svg CR 671.542.48CR 66Haviland Drive in Patterson Irby Road
CR 68 jct.svg CR 682.504.02 NY 22 Haviland Hollow Road in Patterson Connecticut state line
CR 70 jct.svg CR 700.931.50CR 34Stebbins Road in Carmel CR 38
CR 71 jct.svg CR 711.081.74CR 37Myrtle Avenue in Carmel NY 6N
CR 72 jct.svg CR 721.392.24Dead endMarina Drive, East Lake Boulevard, and Msgr. O'Brien Drive in Carmel US 6
CR 73 jct.svg CR 730.120.19 US 6  / CR 32Frances Kiernan Place in Carmel Dead endFormer routing of US 6

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