Masterminds (Canadian TV series)

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Genre Documentary
True crime
Property crime
Directed byJames Hyslop
Narrated byJamie Watson
ComposersDavid Shaw
Craig Marshall
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes61
ProducerCameron Rothery
Running time~22 minutes
Production companyRed Apple Entertainment
Distributor New Line Television
Original network History (Canadian TV channel)
Picture format NTSC
Original releaseJuly 16, 2003 (2003-07-16) 
May 5, 2007 (2007-05-05)

Masterminds was a true crime documentary television series produced in Canada with truTV (formerly Court TV). Each 30 minute episode features one true property crime story. The profiled property crimes generally involve large sums of cash or merchandise and, more important, extremely unusual and/or elaborate methods of criminal operation which were never before (and sometimes never since) seen by law enforcement agencies. With a few notable exceptions, most criminals profiled in this series were caught within a couple of years of committing their crime(s).



EpisodeShow TitleSubject (crime) [country]
1The Anthon Forgeries Mark Hofmann (antique document forgery)
2The Dunbar Heist Dunbar Armored robbery
3The Knightsbridge Heist Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery [ Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK ]
4A Man Called Hollywood Scott Scurlock (bank robber)
5Double CrossedCharles Daughtery (imposter, fraudster)
6The Laguna Niguel HeistAmil Dinsio (United California Bank robbery)
7A Smuggler Supreme Brian O'Dea (Drug Smuggling)
8The Hotel Pierre HeistBobby Comfort (Pierre Hotel robbery)
9The Perfect ScoreWilliam Smarto (Bank safety deposit box burglary)
10A Day at the RacesChris Harn 2002 Breeders' Cup betting scandal
11The Stopwatch Heist Paddy Mitchell (Bank Robbery)
12The King of Car ThievesBill Dhaliwal (Auto theft & cloning) [ Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada ]
13The Riviera Job Albert Spaggiari (Bank Vault Robbery) [ Flag of France.svg France ]
14The Dinner Set GangPeter Salerno and Dominick Latella of the Dinner Set Gang
15Safe Landing (aka A Gem Of A Heist)Tony Granims, Michael Ornelas, Mark Collins (commercial burglaries)
16The Forger's Art John Drewe (art fraud)
17Fool's GoldMichael de Guzman and Bre-X (Geological Fraud, Investor Fraud)
18The Bandit Queen Judy Amar (House Burglary)
19The James Bond GangTerence Lawton, Bruce Anderson, David Kirkland & Walter Smith (burglaries)
20The Dublin Job Martin Cahill [ Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland ]
21Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief Bill Mason (jewel theft)
22The Friday Night Robber Carl Gugasian
23The Kansas City Diamond HeistClarence Burnett (Tivol jewelry heist)
24The Silver Bandit Blane David Nordahl (cat/stealth home burglaries)
25The Cairo Caper (also known as Stealing History) Jonathan Tokeley-Parry (Egyptian artifact smuggling)
26Slot Machine GeniusTommy Glenn Carmichael (hacking slot machines)
27The Jewelry Show JobWilliam Hanhardt (safety deposit box robbery)
28Air AmericaRik Luytjes (Drug Smuggling)
29The Memorial Day HeistJerry Clemente (police officer, ringleader of bank robbery)
30The Disappearing ManSteven Hadley (John Deere Bank theft)
31The SuperthiefJack McClean (burglaries)
32The Stander Gang Andre Stander [ Flag of South Africa (1928-1994).svg South Africa ]
33Crazy EddieEddie Antar (Retail Fraud) aka Crazy Eddie
34The Brinks Matt (sic) Robbery Brink's-Mat robbery [ Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK ]
35The Jacksonville Heist Philip N. Johnson (Loomis Fargo Depot robbery)
36Leader of the PackAaron Rogers (commercial burglaries)
37The ConRail BoyzEdward Mongon (Train Robbing)
38Hot WheelsMinjin "Kenny" Yang (Grand Theft Auto and Export to China)
39The Phantom BanditGilbert Galvan (Bank Robbery) [ Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada ]
40Making MillionsSteven Jory (Counterfeit banknotes) [ Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK ]
41The Air Cargo MillionsHoa Lam Ong (cargo depot thefts) [ Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada ]
42Halloween HeistCraig Pritchert, Nova Guthrie (Bank Robbery)
43The Social Register GangRaymond Flynn (home burglaries)
44Stealing Las Vegas Dennis Nikrasch (Gaming Fraud)
45Cleaning House (aka Maid In The Shade)Carrie Lee Jenkins
46Money BagsMaurizio Percan (Car Part Theft/Airbag resale)
47The Berlin HeistKallet Alvarazi (Bank Heist) [Germany]
48The Highway Robber (aka The Highway Bandit)David Brankle (bank robberies)
49The Great Escape Jeffrey Manchester (commercial robberies)
50Off The Rack (aka Fashion Crime)Clothing theft on New York's Fashion Avenue
51The Art of Double Dealing (aka Copycat Millions) Ely Sakhai (art fraud)
52The Motorcycle BanditRoni Leibovitz (bank robbery) [ Flag of Israel.svg Israel ]
53The Invisible Man Stephen Blumberg (theft of antique books)
54The Museum HeistJames Quinn (commercial burglaries)
55It Takes a ThiefPaul Mathieson (commercial burglaries)
56Foul BallWayne Bray (fake sports collectibles)
57The Transylvania Job Transylvania University (rare book collection theft)
58Mission Impossible BurglarSteven Krueger (burglaries)
59Money Maker Wesley Weber (Counterfeit banknotes) [ Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada ]
60Bad Medicine Gerald Barnbaum/Barnes (fake doctor)
61The Millennium Diamond Millennium Dome raid [ Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK )


As of February 2011, the program is broadcast on History Television and Global TV in Canada, and on truTV in the United States.[ citation needed ]

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